"Rent-MDRS" is a current project to rent the Mars Society's Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) for the purpose of conducting lunar outpost simulation exercises. Moon Society crews of six persons each would undertake a variety or research projects over two week periods at this facility outside of Hanksville, Utah. The experiences and lessons learned by our crews will allow us to better design and outfit our own research station as part of Project Leto. This project will be undertaken in collaboration with the Mars Society.

The Original Announcement of this Project - August 25, 2004

Initial Project Feasibility Findings - November 22, 2004

The First Call for Crew Volunteers - November 24, 2004

Project Status as of December 14, 2004

We have not yet received dates for our first MDRS Moon Mission from the Mars Society MDRS Mission Support Manager.

Four talented persons have sent applications in response to the First Call for Volunteers.

Current Project Status as of December 17, 2005

On October 10th, we received an email message from MDRS Program Manager, Tony Muscatello. The first Moon Society crew at MDRS is confirmed for the Crew #45 rotation slot, Saturday, February 15th - Sunday March 12th, 2006. It's a go!

Eight talented persons sent applications in response to the Second Call for Volunteers. We have chosen a full crew of six, with a 7th to join us in the second week as one of our starters needs to leave early. An 8th will be on location on his own schedule to videotape, staying at the local motel, but still very much part of the crew.

Our Mission will be called Artemis Moonbase Sim 1 and our crew website is up.


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