First Call for Crew Volunteers

for MDRS Moon Mission #1

"Hard Work, No Pay, Eternal Glory"

November 24, 2004

(repeated, October 10, 2005, after confirmation
of Moon Society Crew dates: Feb.25 - Mar. 12, 2006)

November 22, 2004 - Initial Project Feasibility Findings
August 25, 2004 - Project announcement

Calling all supporters of Lunar exploration and resource development!

The Moon Society is quickly advancing its project to rent the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) in Utah for the purpose of conducting lunar outpost simulation exercises. A link to the report of our Initial Project Feasibility Findings is just above.

Crew would work in two week assignments. As of this date, we have not yet received word from the Mars Society concerning available dates. The Mars Society supports our collaborative project, however, and if there are no open dates in the current MDRS field season, November 2004 through mid-May, 2005) we will be at the head of the line for the 2005-2006 winter-spring season.

Volunteers should state clearly what segment of MDRS winter-spring field season span they expect to be available. Both volunteer investigators who bring with them a proposed program of research of their own compatible with the objectives of the Moon Society's MDRS Moon Mission Program and those simply wishing to participate as members of the crew supporting the investigations of others will be considered. Research proposals which focus the effort of or require selection as a team of up to the full six-person crew will also be considered.

Applications will be considered from anyone in good physical condition between 18 and 65 years of age without regard to race, creed, color, gender, or nation. Scientific, engineering, practical mechanical, wilderness, literary, and artistic skills are all considered a plus. Dedication to the cause of human Moon resource development and settlement is an absolute must, as conditions are likely to be tough and the job will be very trying. Those selected will be required to participate in certain crew training exercises and to act under crew discipline and strict mission protocols during the simulations.

All of those selected will also be required to sign a liability waiver. The Moon Society will pay travel and related expenses from Salt Lake City, Utah to MDRS and backduring training and simulation, but there will be no salary. Volunteers will need to pay their own round trip travel expenses to Salt Lake City.

Applications including resume, character references, and a brief letter explaining why you wish to participate should be sent to:

Moon Society
MDRS Moon Mission Program Office
PO Box 080395,
Milwaukee, WI 53208

Total length of applications should not exceed 3 pages. Please include 3 copies. You may also email your application to:
subject line: MDRS Moon Mission Crew Application

Applications will be processed as they are received. Three of the six slots on the first crew are already reserved. But as we hope the first mission is successful and productive enough to warrant a series of follow on missions in MDRS field seasons to come, we will keep all applications on file, and attempt to contact any applicants not chosen for the first crew as to their availability as follow on MDRS Moon Missions are announced. While membership in the Moon Society is neither a prerequisite nor a guarantee, applicants who are current members will be given some priority, all other considerations being equal.

Please do contact us again if any of your contact information changes. Acceptance of your application does not imply that you have been assigned to a particular crew. Do not book non-refundable airline tickets in advance of confrimation of assignment to a crew with set dates.

Experience and knowledge gained by our MDRS Moon Mission Crews will be of enormous help to the Moon Society in designing, siting, building, and developing its own analog research station(s) in the future. It will, of course, also be an invaluable aid to the real pioneers who will open up the Moon as a viable and valuable outpost of humanity.

Further information about the Moon Society's MDRS Moon Mission Program:

Additional files will be posted to:

Further information about the Mars Society's MDRS facility program and past crew activity archives:

More information on the Mars Society's analog station program can be found in the book, "Mars on Earth," by Robert Zubrin (Tarcher Penguin 2003) available at

Please also read:

MDRS Crewmember Packing List - what to bring

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm,

Peter Kokh
President, The Moon Society




The Mars Desert Research Station


Photo of the Mars Hab in its surrounding landscape

The view out of one of the Mars Hab portholes

Photo of an especially Moon-like area nearby

A look inside a crewmember cabin

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MDRS Crewmember Packing List - what to bring

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