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Our 1st Moon Mission at MDRS is a Go!

Updated 03-24-2006

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10-10-2005 The Mars Society confirms that the Moon Society Crew will get the MDRS Crew #45 rotation slot. Our crew will arrive at MDRS, to be renamed for the occasion "The Moon Desert Research Station," on Saturday, February 25, 2006 and depart on Sunday, March 12, 2006. The Call for Volunteers is sent to all present and past members in the combined Artemis Society International - Moon Society database for whom we have current valid email addresses. Our crew will be known as Artemis Moonbase Sim 1 (Sim being short for Simulation.)


11-28-2005 The full crew has now been selected, covering a wide range of talent and expertise, ready to tackle a full load of exciting projects.


12-07-2005 At this point, our funding goal of $7,000 has passed the 40% mark with $2800 in total donations. If you would like to support this project please send a check of money order for the amount of your donation, made payable to "The Moon Society" and please put in the Memo Line "Rent-MDRS Project" or "Artemis Moonbase Sim 1" Then mail it to:

Moon Society Treasurer
P.O. Box 940825
Plano, TX 75094-0825

Your donation will be acknowledged. You may wish to send a "heads up" email confirming your donation and the amount to

See update 12-17-05 below for additional donation method options

Letters have been sent to a number of organizations and corporations.

If the funding goal is reached or exceeded, and the exercise goes as well as we expect, we will be asking the Mars Society to reserve a slot for an even more ambitious sequel in the 2007 Field Season. Donations received in excess of our goal for Sim 1 will be applied as a down payment for the sequel mission. No money will be wasted!


12-08-2005 Three crew members, Commander Peter Kokh, Health & Safety Officer William Fung-Schwarz, and Biologist Leslie Wickman converge at the Mars Hab outside Hanksville, Utah for a videotape and interview session with a documentary team from BBC, London. BBC picked up the travel, motel, and restaurant expenses for all of us. The documentary, "The Moon: a Biography" will air in Britain in February, and on BBC USA in March. Several other persons were interviewed in the US for this project. We owe this opportunity to the proactive efforts of UK member Richard Perry.


12-11-2005 Our web page is up! Visit Artemis Moonbase Sim 1 at These pages will introduce our crew members and their projects, and will provide day by day reports once the exercise begins.


12-17-2005 - We now have a "Make a Donation" Button on the Society's front page, in the left hand menu column, just below the "Join" button.

Clicking on the Make a Donation button calls up a secure PayPal form. On that form members and visitors motivated to donate to the Moon Society and/or specific projects can make a secure donation using a credit card or a PayPal bank account. If you wish your donation to go towards a specific project or purpose, please follow it up with an email note to noting your donation amount and the date and stating the specific purpose. Examples: "Purchasing Artwork for use in promoting the Society and its projects." or "The Rent-MDRS Project (or Artemis Moonbase Sim 1)" or any other purpose.

NOTE: if you do not specify by email that your donation is for this project, it will go into the General Funds and it will not be used to support our mission. Several recent donations did not specify a use!


1-11-2006 - The National Space Society has matched the $1400 donations of the Lunar Reclamation Society and of the Moon Society to bring funding to $4,200 or 60% of the target goal.


1-27-2006 MoonbaseSim Store opens at Cafe Press - click on the image below to brouse through Artemis Moonbase Sim 1 logo apparel and other merchandise. Profits from sales of this merchandisw will support this mission, and any sequel missions to follow. Show that you are a member of the team! Also great gift items.


1-30-2006 Donation Incentive Plan Announced - Read today's e-report Moon Society Progress Report


3-24-2006 Read the Post Mission Summary of Artemis Moonbase Sim 1 Exercises at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah.


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