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Editor's comments, November 1, 2013
The Theme collections, ranging from c. 45 to c. 350 pages in length, include articles written over a 26 year or longer period. They show development of ideas as well as addition of new topics.
The choice of articles to include was perhaps somewhat suggestive. Some articles may seem "off-topic" but are included because they do have a bearing on the central theme. For example, in the "Tourism" theme issue, we include not only articles about tourism itself, but about what tourists from Earth might find interesting about how the settlers live, not just tours of craters etc. In other words, tourists may want to visit lunar frontier settlements as much if not more than the lunar landscapes.
The Lunar Economy issue is absolutely critical. Pioneers must export enough to pay for needed imports. This issue lists major as well as minor ways in which a lunar economy can not only be solvent, but even prosperous. Indeed, without a strong lunar economy, any opening on Mars is likely to fail.
The "Surface Activities" volume includes such diverse topics as road construction, railroads, waysides, small rural outposts, surface arts and crafts, and "Out-vac" sporting and recreational activities.
"Eden on Luna" may seem an odd title, but this volume includes a wide variety of articles showing how settlers will learn to make themselves at home on the Moon, and, considering that they must live "downwind and downstream of themselves," how they must give priority attention to air and water refreshing, "religiously" recycling anything made with elements scarce on the Moon (e.g. carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and more.), and how such a lifestyle demands that education reflect it, how living areas must be dominated by plant life, and on and on. This volume also includes many articles on how lessons learned on the Moon will help those remaining on Earth to repair and refresh their ailing home planet. We will learn these things on the Moon because they are necessary"near term" for survival, whereas on Earth, we may continue to put solutions for environmental problems on the backs of our children and grandchildren.
Indigenous Lunar "Arts and Crafts" will play a major role in getting pioneers to the point that they truly feel at home on the Moon.
We have collected articles on "Asteroids" and "Mars" because they will be essential trade partners if Lunar settlements are to succeed.
We have gathered scattered articles about other worlds in our "Solar System," and beyond - "starbound" - because our venture on the Moon, if successful, may be just the beginning of the rest of "the human Out of Africa Epic" from that "Intercontinental" expansion to the "Interplanetary" expansion (across a different kind of seas) and, some of us dream, just possibly to an "Interstellar" Expansion.
Since the first 14 Theme issues were first published, we have added more articles from from recent issues of MMM
We have also added a second Index listing articles by secondary theme threads to help readers concentrate on what issues and themes interest them most
And we have added three new theme Volumes: Earth: (What's in it for Earth? Economically? Environmentally? Cuturally?) And another on Lava Tubes, features offering large volumes of space sheltered from cosmic radiation and thermal extremes. Formed in the process of spreading lava sheets on both the Moon and Mars, these features will play a major part in settlement of both worlds. Finally, we added a Theme volume on Legal Issues. Property ownership, local and eventually global self-rule, and the milestones in making progress towards those goals.
There may well be further additions to this Themes Collection.
The original pagination has been removed to make these issues "Kindle ready." But we may export the unpaginated files in e-format, and replace the online pdf files with paginated ones to make it easier for most readers not using e-readers like Kindle.
And we would like to add a set of bookmarks for each article from both the chronological and thread inexes. But as this will be very tedious and time-consuming, we leave it for another time, or for a volunteer.
Hopefully this effort to arrange the wide variety of articles in the past (now 26) years of MMM will help the editor (or a successor) to reorganize this material into "MMM the Book" with the working title of "A Pioneers Guide to the Moon." Indeed, that goal is what has motivated us in this effort.

Enjoy. Peter Kokh