Reports to Our Members

 Updated August 3, 2011

This Section of the Moon Society Website was launched August 24, 2004

At this location, members and friends will find Progress Reports on the Moon Society's continuing efforts to further the goal of exploration and development of the Moon leading to a permanent resident population of hardy and resourceful pioneers.

2012.08.02 - Society Prepares for 5th Annual Membership Meeting - August 8th

2011.09.10 - Society Web Site migrates to new hosting service
2011.08.11 - Our Homepage "Changing Images" Feature
Undergoes an Exciting Major Upgrade
2011.08.03 - Society selects new Staff Team

2011.08.02 - Society elects a new slate of Officers and Directors

2011.07.18 - Society Prepares for 4th Annual Membership Meeting - August 10th

2011.05-26 -
The Moon may have 100 X more water than expected

2011.04.02 - Moonbeams Fiction Publication gets an Upgrade

2011.03.19 - Enter our new Space Tourism Essay Contest

2011.03.17 -
Moon Society Heralds Dawn of Human-Robonaut Space Age

2011.02.25 - Society Congratulates India's Chadrayaan-1 Team for Discovery of Intact Lava Tube Section on the Moon

2011.01.05 - Society endorses Paul Spudis’ Plan to return to the Moon in an affordable way