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Welcome to the first issue of Moonscapes!
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Dennis Groves
The Moon Society

And the Winner is....!

Dan Hawk of Green Bay, Wisconsin for the winning name entry "Moonscapes". He wins a one year renewal of his membership.

Lloyd Knox of Tulsa wins a 3-year renewal of him membership for his winning banner design.
Thanks to all of you who suggested names or created banner artwork.

Volunteer Assistance Needed! 

English to Spanish translation by native Spanish Speakers and an editor for a proposed Moon Miners' Manifesto Spanish Quarterly

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AEXAMoon Society Congratulates

Mexico  on Creation of The Mexican Space Agency, AEXA


It has been a long time coming, but on July 30th, President Calderone finally signed into law the legislation that created the Mexican Space Agency. Two Moon Society members worked hard to campaign for this achievement. And that's not all, a space-theme amusement park complete with a Mexican Lunar Analog research center, MexLunarHab, is under serious consideration by the government of the State of Jalisco for a site north of Guadalajara . At the same time, the Society is taking steps to clone itself in espaņol!


Society Member writes first Moon novel that is on target for the NASA's new direction

Platinum Moon by By Bill White - Book Review by Peter Kokh for Amazon.comPlatinum Moon

.... Rather than dwell on the doors being closed, the writer accepts this change of direction as not only irreversible but as an opportunity, and take an enthusiastic view of the possibilities it creates. 

The first word in the first sentence in the novel, PGM-1, the name of a spaceship, zeroes in on the crux of the novel. PGM stands for Platinum Group Metals .... The hitch is that no PGMs have yet been detected on the Moon. .... The payoff could be immense, not just for export to Earth, but to fully enable modern industrial and manufacturing operations on the Moon itself. More... 

 Bill White lives in suburban Chicago. You can link to his web page here. 

Our Homepage "Changing Images" Feature Undergoes an Exciting Major Upgrade
 When we introduced the changing images just above the Moon Society Announcements section on our Homepage, there were less than two dozen, and what you saw was a "thumbnail" - clicking on it just got you a larger image. The image would change at random every time you visited the page. Over the years as new images were added, the larger target image often had some explanatory text. Now this whole feature has been reinvented. Dozens more images have been added with a total of 133 in all, and when you click on them, all but 9 are themselves clickable, taking you to documents (for example, an MMM Classic issue pdf file) in which there is an article (sometimes more than one) on that very topic. As a result, this feature is now a great fun way to explore the vast variety of topics discussed over the past 24 years and counting of Moon Miners Manifesto.  More... 


Will Pioneers Trash the Moon?

Upcoming Events

The following events are cosponsored by the Moon Society


The Puerto Rico Space Congress, in SaPuerto Rico Space Conferencen Juan , October 24-27, 2010







ISDC 2011

website  ISDC 2011

May 18-22, 2011

Next year's International Space Development Conference in Huntsville , AL


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