??? Printed vs. Electronic Newsletter ???
(Moon Miners' Manifesto, 10 issues/year)

Actually, for those in the United States and Canada joining or renewing at the $35 dollar level, this is not an either/or proposition.

  • Students and Seniors who want the $20 dues option, must select the electronic option
  • Those outside the US and Canada who want the $35 dues option, must also select the electronic option.
  • The print hardcopy version is available only at the $35 rate in the US and Canada, and at the $60 rate elsewhere - because of very high postage rates.

Those who choose to get a hardcopy delivered to their home or PO Box, retain access to the electronic version.

Note that the electronic version, in the form of a PDF file, is not emailed to members directly, whether they have checked the electronic newsletter option or not.

The PDF file of each new newsletter is uploaded to the Moon Society website at:


and you must download it from there. Until you have established a username and password, and have given it correctly at the prompts, you will not see the page with all the PDF file download links.

Reading downloaded PDF files: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader for that, but there is a link on the above page from which you can download the reader free.

Practice before you make your decision: these PDF files range between 1 and 2 megabytes each, and may be a problem to download depending on the age of your computer and the speed of your online connection.

Try downloading, opening and reading a sample issue first: The editor keeps his selection of sample issues at this free access location:

If this does not work well for you, choose the hardcopy option. If and when you upgrade your computer or your Internet connection, you will retain your right to download the PDF file versions as well.

How do you establish your username and password? Once your membership is confirmed, you may do this by going online to


There you will be prompted to request a username and password.

Your choice must be manually confirmed by our staff, as we get a lot of requests from persons who are not members, and thus not permitted access. To make sure that we give your choice prompt attention, send us an email alert.

As soon as your request is confirmed, you are all set to go.

At the /members/mmm/ directory, you will find all the PDF files back to May 2001.

BUT, if you do not wish to bother with a username or password, or are uncomfortable doing so, you should by all means check the hardcopy option.

You will not lose your right to later on establish a username and password, and if you should later on do so, you will not then lose your hardcopy privilege either.

It comes down to this. Do not select the electronic version unless you do not want to be bothered with hardcopies coming in the mail, and are comfortable with selecting a username and password.

If you are just not sure, check the hardcopy option.

We have had too many new members select the electronic version, never establish a username and password, and thus never get a newsletter. Of course, they then choose not to renew, as they will have gotten little out of their memberships.

We want you to be in touch, in the loop. The Moon Society is on the move, ever looking for more ways to make a difference. So choose this option with care.

  • hardcopy if you are not sure
  • electronic only if you are sure you do not want hardcopy (also) and will get a username and password

Meanwhile, you can access the first fifteen years of Moon Miners' Manifesto, again in PDF format, but without the need for a username and password, at this location:


Keep in mind that while the PDF file is available immediately, the print version has to go to the printer, then to the mailing team, and finally through the slow second class bulk mail system. It may not show up in your mailbox for a month of more after the PDF file is available online.

At renewal time, you can always reset your newsletter option.

Questions? Ask us!


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