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Frontlines past issues:
This is the first issue

About Frontlines

This is our first issue. In the March 2007 issue of Moon Miners’ Manifesto, we had announced the Frontlines project, intending to create a formatted monthly Moon Society news report. This never happened and we apologize for that. For one, formatted email was something we had not previously tried, and with all the other things on our plate, we didn’t have time to experiment. It was always a ways down the priority list. And we were unable to find out who and how many people were subscribing to the link given.

Instead, we are now introducing the first issue of Frontlines as a webpage, with a  prominent link on the Society home page. We intend to report monthly just after the first (of two) Leadership Council meetings each month. These report will be archived, so members and visitors can check past reports.

In Frontlines, we will report on Society activities, efforts, and projects. You pay your dues, and have a right to know what we are doing to make your membership worthwhile and to address your interests in a place for humans on the Moon.

We have been making steady progress on a wide variety of fronts. We want you to hold us accountable for continuing to do so!

Future editions will be shorter, giving updates only where there is updated information to share.


April 2nd Board Meeting

As of a change in the Society Bylaws adopted a special Board Meeting on February 6th, At the April 2nd Board meeting, two board seats were declared vacant. etc. We hope to fill these and other vacancies in the upcoming election.

Currently in Discussion in Management Council Meetings:

We are discussing a proposed “Game Plan” to promote the idea of Solar Power Satellite systems constructed of lunar materials. The draft plan addresses the issue of advancing the “readiness state” of key technologies (Lunar Building Materials) and Systems (transportation to/from the Moon) and other elements necessary to make this dream a reality. If you would like to read a copy of this proposal, email president@moonsociety.org and we will send you a pdf file attachment.

We are also discussing various action items in a Draft Strategy report on how to grow the Society both in numbers, in name recognition, and in effectiveness in advancing towards our goal, the opening of the Moon to civilian pioneers.  If you would like to read a copy of this proposal, email president@moonsociety.org and we will send you a pdf file attachment.


The 2008 Moon Society Elections

Half the officers and half the board members are elected each year to provide continuity. This year the offices open are for President and Secretary. In addition three of the five board positions are open. The only incumbent running is Peter Kokh, the current President. But nominations are welcome for all of these positions. Currently, three members are considering running for board positions, but additional nominees are welcome. As yet we have not identified a candidate for the Secretary position, and the duties thereof continue to be parceled out to other officers and directors. The ballot must be finalized at the May 7th Management Council Meeting. So there is still time to put your hat in the ring and help with the guidance of the society. Newly elected officers and board members take their posts at the August 20th meeting. All positions are for two year terms.

Projects in Process: Solar Power Beaming Demonstration exhibit:

This is our first hands-on technology project. The idea is to create a working demonstration of how Solar power Satellites would work, with the aim of boosting public support for this initiative. Solar Power Satellites have been receiving renewed interest since the release of the National Space Security Office report [http://www.moonsociety.org/reports/space_solar_alliance.html] on October 10, 2007. We could not have tackled this project without the expertise of two persons: Vice-president Charles F. Radley, and Board Chairman R. Scotty Gammenthaler. The Board has given them full support including needed funds, to carry this project through to completion. We are considering building additional units for other groups, so that more people can see how Solar Power Satellites and Power Beaming works. You can monitor our progress [http://www.moonsociety.org/projects/spb-demo/project-status.html]


Projects Being Discussed

Ways to tie in to Google Lunar Rover X-Prize. Suggestions range help with publicity to designing something small (1 kg) and cheap to hitchhike  a ride to the Moon on one of the X-Prize candidate rovers. [example, the color-calibration “sundials” on the Mars Rovers Spirit and Opportunity. This possibility has not gone beyond the bare conceptual stage.

University of Luna Project: [http://www.moonsociety.org/university/] This project, introduced at ISDC 2007 in Dallas, has aroused a lot of excitement throughout the Lunar community, but we have as yet to find the resources and funding to make it functionally real. Moon Society Director of Project Development, David Dunlop, has an idea he is currently pursing in this regard. Telling you about it would be premature.

Lunarpedia: Our everything-about-the-Moon online encyclopedia got off to a good start, but our efforts to attract additional contributors have had limited success. This project replaces the old Artemis Data Book project of the Artemis Society. We have now formed a Lunarpedia Promotion Group. If you want to help, please write James Gholston at jamesg@dimensionality.com

Design Competition: a Fuel Depot in orbit  - this is a proposed collaboration with LunarWire.com. We’ve learned the hard way that few participate in contests and competitions unless attractive prizes are at stake. If we get past that hurdle, we will be making a joint announcement.

Helping the Mexican Space Society design a modest lunar analog station to be located in Ciudad Juarez across from El Paso; Last year, Dave Dunlop worked with Jesus Raygoza to rejuvenate the Mexican Space Society [http://www.sociedadespacialmexicana.com] and to put together an ambitious low cost proposal for the new Mexican Space Agency. Raygoza had previously published plans for a MexLunarHab analog, but the facility in Juarez will be more modest in scope, aimed at education and publicity and support for more ambitious things to come.

Affiliations Update:

Space Nursing Society: This discussion is grounded in the shared common interest in the Mental and Physical Health of Lunar Frontier Pioneers. A major article on the first of these topics that appeared in the February issue of Moon Miners’ Manifesto has been reedited to appear in the Space Nursing Society website, while a condensed one page abstract will be printed in the organizations newsletter which goes to 500+ members. We are working on a followup article about pioneer physical and physiological health. Our hope is that similar articles produced by SNS members will be shared with us for reprinting in MMM.


Collaborations Update

MarsDrive: Google Group: Railroading on Moon and Mars - In the past month, a lot of material has been posted to illustrate the design challenges involved. As of April 7th, the group has 17 members. Now we are ready to unveil this project to a wider audience: railroad buffs and model railroaders at large who may never have looked at the Moon and Mars as future human frontiers, much less as settings for railroads, an ideal infrastructure to expand human presence globally on both worlds.

LunarWire.com: A Design Competition for an Orbital Fuel Depot. Both parties are now working to identify funding and sponsors for attractive prizes as well as to pin down the design entry constraints.

American Lunar Society: We have been collaborating for years, sharing publications, sharing articles, and sharing ALS’ Lunar Study and Observation Certificate Program. Now with 2009 being named International Space Astronomy Year, we have proposed a joint effort to put together a definitive Position Paper on Astronomy from the Moon.

Recruiting Report

To do something, that is to conduct a project, means someone has to step up to the plate and take charge. Most active persons in the Society already have their plates full. There is so much more we could be doing, but it won’t happen without take charge volunteers.

We are actively seeking a Secretary, a PR Person, a Fund Raiser, and Artists. Tell us about your talents, areas of expertise, and available free time. Then we’ll see how we can match you up with a need. volunteer@moonsociety.org

Events: Annual Events, ISDC 2008; other conferences

Every year we have Space Week, Astronomy Day, Earth Day, Yuri’s night and other events we can tie into. These are opportunities primarily for our chapters and outposts, as well as for MMM. In the future we will be looking at Society-wide ways to celebrate these occasions that both increase our name recognition and help move the Society forward.

International Space Development Conference: ISDC 2008: This “big tent” annual conference, hosted by the National Space Society, is held this year in downtown Washington DC, the weekend after Memorial Day Weekend. Moon Society Director of Project Development, David Dunlop, is chair of the Moon Track.

We hope to have a completed operational Solar Power Beaming Demonstration unit to contribute to the Exhibit Area. And as usual, we will be talking collaboration with some of the many groups represented. As we have signed (at ISDC 2005) a mutual affiliation agreement with NSS, which is working well for both parties, this is our logical big gig each year, and an opportunity to meet enthused individuals and movers and shakers in the back to the Moon movement. Next year’s event will be in Orlando, FL.

There are many other space conferences where it would be good to have a real presence. See Conferences List 2008. But the Society is unable to provide travel and other conference cost subsidies, which makes it difficult for Society leaders to attend. We had several members present at the recent Lunar & Planetary Institute conference in Houston, and at least one at the Space Access conference in the Phoenix area. If you are going to a conference or even to a science fiction convention and are willing to put out flyers, let us know! president@moonsociety.org.


Chapters & Outposts Report

The new Phoenix and Houston chapters continue to grow, as does Moon Society St. Louis.

Efforts are underway to advance outposts in Tucson, San Jose (Bay Area Moon Society) towards chapter status, and in Longview/Kilgore, Texas towards student chapter status.

Oregon L5 Our NSS partner chapter continues to make progress with its lavatube moonbase project in the Second Life simulation environment.

Outpost Formation Plug - take a look at our Chapters & Outposts map [http://www.moonsociety.org/chapters/chapter_outpost_map.html]

If you live in an area where the Society is not represented, please consider serving as a local contact person, whether or not you are willing to try and start an outpost in your area (two or more members not yet organized and functioning as a chapter.)

Write: chapters-coordinator@moonsociety.org

Publicity Report