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Material added January 19, January 25 2009

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About Frontlines

This is our ninth issue. Frontlines is a formatted monthly Moon Society news report that comes out each month just after the first (of two) Management Council meetings each month, and/or after the publication of the month's issue of Moon Miners Manifesto. These reports are being archived, so members and visitors can check past reports.

Frontlines reports on Society activities, efforts, and projects. You pay your dues, and have a right to know what we are doing to make your membership worthwhile and to address your interests in a place for humans on the Moon.

We have been making steady progress on a wide variety of fronts. We want you to hold us accountable for continuing to do so!


Current Management Council Actions & Discussions

Moon Society input to the Obama Transition Team on Space

The Management Council, mindful that different members have different ideas about how the nation's space program could be better run and better targeted, has not as yet officially endorsed either of two position papers put together separately by Director of Project Development David A. Dunlop and by Chair of the Publicity and Outreach Committee, James A. Rogers.

Dunlop's paper is extremely comprehensive and commands enormous respect.
We urge our members to look at Dave's idea of how US Space programs and initiatives could be reorganized to better lead to the open civilian frontier and Earth-Moon Economy to which the Society pledges its efforts. Dave's recommendations are nothing short of revolutionary, no time given to evolve.

We have seen the first draft of James Roger's paper, but until we have his final version, we are unable to link to it. His plan is much more simple, concentrating on a few basic changes calculated to have the most effect.

The Moon Society has endorsed the Space Renaissance Initiative.

The Moon Society supports all Google Lunar X-Prize Teams. Local chapters are allowed to give support to any Google Lunar X-Prize Teams centered in their area.

The 2008 Questionnaire. f you haven't sent in the Questionnaire (How and where did you first hear of The Moon Society) please take a few moments to do so. Those of you who receive a hard copy of Moon Miners' Manifesto will find it in the centerfold of the December 2008 issue.

Questionnaires should be sent to:

Moon Society Program Services
PO Box 395
Milwaukee, WI 53208

Those who return it with current contact information will be eligible for one year membership (new or renewal) on us.

A new look for web site secondary pages (other than the home page)

Not too long ago, our homepage got a thorough revision and a fresh new look. But most other pages look like they did eight years ago. We are looking to give them a new look too, and in the process fix errors and broken links and make sure that they are otherwise updated.

President Peter Kokh sketched out how the new template should look, and Chairman of the Board R. Scott Gammenthaler is busy writing the code. It should be introduced in the next month. We think you will like it.

A Youth Section?

Board member Ben Nault (Tucson) had suggested that in addition to Campus Chapters, which are geographically based, we should have some sort of forum, for the wand of a better word, for younger people who want to interact via the Internet, in a non-geographically based way.

Meanwhile, the Houston Chapter had set up The Moon Society Forum, not just for their chapter but for the Society as a whole. We have just set up "The Moon Society Pioneers" Forum on this site. We invite anyone who wishes to join and contribute to discussions, even launch Internet-based projects, which could involve things as diverse ad development of improved outreach materials, workshops on key research and development issues, and more. We will be watching with interest to see what develops and how it evolves. You do not need to be a current or former member of The Moon Society to participate.

Other Interactive Moon Society Internet Sites

In addition to the Moon Society Forum, we have several other interactive sites:

There are now homepage links to all but the last of these in the left hand menu column, image links section. So if you have not visited any of these sites, we are making it easier for you. On some of them, you may need to log in or register.

New Download and Print Items

On our Download Center page, you will find bookmarks, bumper stickers, and calendars

2 sheets of 3 bookmarks each - download and print to card stock and cut
2 sheets of "Out of Africa" theme 2 bumper stickers each - download and print to peel and stick paper
5 one-sheet 12 month calendars, 2 in horizontal landscape layout, 3 in vertical portrait layout, each with different artwork - download and print to card stock, frame if you wish. These calendars all mark the meeting dates for the Management Council and Board, and the dates for Town Meetings and for the Annual Membership meeting

Recognition for Renewing Members

It is one thing to attract a new member. He or she may only be curious. It is another to "convert" a new member to a "continuing" one. It is our intention to mail a Certificate of Continuing Membership to each new member as the member renews for the first time. Not to leave out those who have already renewed for the first time (and some, many times since) during 2009, every member who renews will get such a certificate. Come 2010, only those renewing for the first time will get one. This avoids duplications. As of this report, the first of these certificates have been put in the mail. We do appreciate your membership.

Project Teams

The Moon Society has set up 10 Project Teams each tackling a different Project area. We are building a team for each charged with advancing the goals of each. Within each area there may be a number of projects with set goals addressing specific areas.

To help push this multiple front effort forward, James Rogers of the LUNAX - Lunar Experimental Agriculture Team,  secured space on the Houston chapter-run Moon Society Forum.

Following his lead, Peter Kokh secured space on the Moon Society Forum for four more of our Project Teams and on the three of these with links below, posted a series of "Discussion Starter Documents." Similar Discussion Starter Documents will be posted soon for the 4th team.
The idea is to attract members and visitors to help brainstorm all of these areas and to come up with specific concrete projects that will advance each teams goals. By opening up the process to visitors and friends we hope to get more brains working in all of these areas, and down the line, maybe some new members.

Take a look at each of these, and if you find one or more that catches your interest and imagination, why not get your feet wet. No obligations involved.

We thank Eric Bowen of Moon Society Houston for making this Forum available to us! This is a prime example of how a chapter can set a pace for the Society as a whole!


Moon Miners Manifesto & Other Moon Society Publications

January is one of the Editor's two months off, allowing time to recharge and renew as well as rest - his "burnout prevention" break. This policy has been the rule since year one and has been the principal reason that MMM has been in continuous publication for over 22 years.

We made use of this break to edit and publish  (01-16-2009) the 19th issue of the Moon Miners' Manifesto Classics, one pdf volume per publication year, this one covering our 19th year, issues #s 181-190. You can download it here - http://www.moonsociety.org/publications/mmm_classics/. In each Classics issue you will find all the non-time sensitive articles from ten monthly issues, reedited, re-illustrated, and republished.

We maintain a three year plus interval between the last Classics  issue and the current MMM issue, to maintain a strong incentive for joining the Society.

Next month, February, look for MMM #222, and hopefully, for the spring issue of MMM-India Quarterly.

Members can download MMM pdf files here (username password required) If you have no username and password, or have forgotten it, please contact us as soon as possible and we'll get you up and running

MMM-India Quarterly. The first edition was published November 14th. The 2nd Quarterly issue is scheduled for February. This publication is a free access pdf file available to our members and friends everywhere, not just in India.

In last month's Frontlines, we floated the idea of an MMM-Europe Quarterly. At the present time, this idea is on indefinite hold. It is a great idea, but more to the point, we'd be spreading ourselves dangerously thin.

Moon Society Fiction - 2nd Issue of "Moonbeams" was published Jan 25, 2009, under Editor Chuck Lesher.

If you have a "high frontier" tale in you, work it out and email it to moonbeams@moonsociety.org

To download the first issue, go to the archive site. Moonbeams issues are freely available in pdf file format, and members and visitors are welcome to circulate them freely and widely. The purpose is to provide fictional illustrations of what life could like on the Lunar Frontier and elsewhere within the Solar System.


Chapters & Outposts Report
- see the updated map of Moon Society Chapters and Outposts

The Phoenix chapter has put together a web-team to build its new interactive website. They have it up and the post-debut reaction is highly enthusiastic. Take a look: http://www.msphx.org - anyone can log in and take advantage of its interactive features. This is another example of a chapter contributing something very positive to the Socieey at large.

The Tucson Outpost now has the required minimum three members to become a chapter, but has not yet had time to organize as such, which involves selecting acting officers. Meanwhile, there are reports that a new Moon Society chapter in the Dallas-Fort Worth area may be in the works.

A 4th & 5th NSS Partner Chapter?

We have been discussing NSS Chapter partnership with the new San Diego Space Society for some months and the chapters' board had given the go ahead. We have sent them the database of present and former members within 50 miles of downtown San Diego, as requested.

It is likely that the the Chicago Space Frontier Society NSS Chapter, with strong historic ties of mutual collaboration with the Milwaukee and Twin Cities NSS chapters, will join those two and the Oregon L5 chapter as an "NSS Partner Chapter" serving as a welcome watering hole for Moon Society members in Greater Chicagoland. More on NSS Partner chapters.

With  Chicago and Milwaukee just ninety miles apart, collaboration between chapters has been strong for over 22 years. A similar relationship is emerging between our Phoenix and Tucson chapters,  about 50 miles further apart. In the Pacific Northwest, we have a close bond between chapters in Seattle and Portland.  Will we someday have a cluster of chapters in the Bos-Wash strip?

Society Chapters come in two versions: Community-based (St. Louis, Phoenix, Houston, Tucson) and Campus based (College of Menominee Nation - Green Bay Campus)

An Outpost consists of one or more members in a local community that serve as (a) local contact(s) for area members and prospective members of the Society, and which have not yet met the qualifications to be given a chapter charter. To establish an outpost and become a local contact person for the society, write the Chapters Coordinator. There is no reason why a prospective campus chapter cannot start as an outpost, one or more not-yet-organized members.

Outpost Formation Plug - take a look at our Chapters & Outposts map [http://www.moonsociety.org/chapters/chapter_outpost_map.html]

If you live in an unrepresented area, why not take the plunge?

We are ready to give you plenty of help and direction, including names and addresses of current and former members in your area (xx miles form your zip code)

There is plenty of material and how-to information on the Space Chapters Hub website that we share with the chapters of The National Space Society and The Mars Society..

Write: chapters-coordinator@moonsociety.org

Events: Annual Events, ISDC, other conferences, other events and observances

International Space Development Conference: ISDC 2009 will be held May 28-31 (revised dates) in Orlando, Florida.

Our David Dunlop is already signed up as chair of the Moon Track.
Dr. Peter Schubert is chairing the Space and Environment Track
Our Moon Colony Video Team (Chip Proser & Dave Dunlop) hope to be tele-interviewing again


Publicity Report

MMM Library subscriptions project courtesy of the Lunar Reclamation Society, publishers of MMM. We have received 6 so far. If you would like to have MMM go to your local library, send ch/mo for $10 (one year) to the publishers,
“Lunar Reclamation Society”
PO Box 2102
Milwaukee, WI 53201
(include the name and address of the library)

Looking for volunteers to put out fliers at various space conferences and science fiction conventions they may be attending. Let us know about space conferences and science fiction cons that you are planning to attend. Write president@moonsociety.org

Moon Society Fiction - Second Issue of "Moonbeams" in the works, under Editor Chuck Lesher.

The second issue is already in the works. If you have a "high frontier" tale in you, work it out and email it to moonbeams@moonsociety.org

To download the first issue, go to the archive site. Moonbeams issues are freely available in pdf file format, and members and visitors are welcome to circulate them freely and widely. The purpose is to provide fictional illustrations of what life could like on the Lunar Frontier and elsewhere within the Solar System.

Leadership/Management Council MeetingsTown Meetings

We meet on the ASI-MOO on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday nights monthly, 9-11 pm ET, 8-10 pm CT, 7-9 pm MT, 6-8 pm Moon Leaders room. Directions from the Commons: "north", then "moon-leaders"

Anyone may choose to audit our meetings and to contribute input to discussions. Use your Moon Society username and password, or sign in as a guest. Note: let us know in advance so we can tell the Door Dragon to let you in!

Next: January 21, February 4 & 18, March 4 & 18, April

Town Hall Meetings - held in the ASI-MOO in the Auditorium. Directions from the Commons: "NorthWest" - The meetings will have no agenda, though there may be introductory remarks, and the President may suggest topics needing input at various times during the meeting.  We had to postpone the first Town Meeting from January 14th to February 11th.

We have now scheduled Town Meetings (3)  on the 2nd Wednesday evening (same place, same time slots as the leaders/management meetings) of the 2nd month of each quarter except Fall (when our annual membership meeting is scheduled:  (2009) February 11, May 13, ( August 12th is our 2nd Annual Membership meeting), and November 11.

Why Wednesday and why that time slot? Well, that's what the Society leaders are used to. They will not be "expected" to attend, but of course are most welcome to do so. In these meetings, we want to hear from members (current and former), from visitors, from friends, etc.

If you have never been on the ASI-MOO, check out this page.

ISDC 2009
This year's International Space Development Conference will be held in Orlando, FL May 28th-31st

The Moon Society will be hosting the ISDC Moon Track for the third year in a row. This initiative gives us great leveraging when it comes to collaboration with other groups. Our Director of Project Development, David Dunlop, will be at the helm. We expect to follow suite next year in Chicago. You are hereby cordially invited to participate. ISDC is a great opportunity to meet other society members and readers.