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Volume 2009, Issue July
Published Junly 20, 2009 - 40th Anniversary of 1st Manned Moon Landing - Apollo 11

Management Council Actions & Discussions
including new look for website 2ndary pages
Moon Society Elections 2009
Town Meeting Discussions
including an Apollo Moon Party event
Apollo Moon Party Report - next?
Project Teams
Moon Miners' Manifesto, other Publications
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About Frontlines

This is our sixeenth issue. Frontlines is a formatted monthly Moon Society news report that comes out each month just after the first (of two) Management Council meetings each month, and/or after the publication of the month's issue of Moon Miners Manifesto. These reports are being archived, so members and visitors can check past reports.

Frontlines reports on Society activities, efforts, and projects. You pay your dues, and have a right to know what we are doing to make your membership worthwhile, and to address your interests in a place for humans on the Moon.

We have been making steady progress on a wide variety of fronts. We want you to hold us accountable for continuing to do so!


Current Management Council Actions & Discussions

July 1st meeting: 

July 15th meeting: Discussion on Sharpening the Society's Vision and Mission Goals Statements, given the uncertainty surrounding NASA's current direction, and the effort to divert NASA's from the Moon to Mars. President Peter Kokh and Director of Project Development Dave Dunlop introduced a new approach:
The Society's primary focus Creation of an International Lunar Research Park open to space agencies of all nations, as well as contractors, entrepreneurs, and universities.

Supporting research and development of building materials (metal alloys, glass, glass composites, concrete, ceramics, etc.) from the more abundant elements in moondust (regolith, or rock powder blanket that covers the Moon. We would advance this research by pursuing the spin-up process.
Spin-up: pre-developing the technologies that will be needed to move  beyond the initial Earth-dependent footholds established on the Moon or elsewhere. Entrepreneurs can do this profitably, here and now, by ferreting out Earth markets for such technologies, thus billing the consumer for “spin-up” -- loading the shelves in the process with the technologies we anticipate needing -- instead of billing the Space Budget (and tax-payers) for “spin-off.” NASA, because of budget constraints, confines itself to R&D of hardware and systems needed for short and intermediate range goals.
After some concerns were addressed, there appeared to be broad and strong support among the Leadership Council members for this recast of the Society's goals and efforts

Read: Beyond NASA's Goals issued on July 20, 2009, the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing. There is an image link to this report on our homepage.


Moon Society Elections 2009 Ballot - please email or mail your ballot as soon as possible. Ballots will be counted on August 1st. Even though there are no contests this year, your ballot is a much appreciated "vote of confidence" in Society leadership.

Moon Society Officers:

Vice-President:[  ]  Charles F. Radley, incumbent, (Portland, OR) for a two year term, ending in 2011
Treasurer: [  ] Dana Carson, (Baltimore, MD) incumbent, for a two year term, ending in 2011

Moon Society Directors:

[  ] Scotty Gammenthaler, Chairman of the Board, incumbent, (Princeton, TX) for a two year term, ending in 2011
[  ] Shaun Moss, (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) for a two year term, ending in 2011
[  ] James Roger, (Longview, Texas) for a two year term, ending in 2011

Remaining Office and Director posts will be up for election next year – 2010

We thank retiring officers for their service :
James Gholston, David A. Dunlop

While, once again, we have only one candidate per open position, we are fortunate to have excellent people running. They deserve your support. New officers will take their seats at the August 5th Board Meeting.

Ballots must be receive before August 1st:
Either by email to elections@moonsociety.org

Or  by mail to:
Moon Society Elections
P.O. Box 940825
Plano, TX 75094-0825

Current Town Meeting Discussions

Our 6th Town Meeting was held on Wednesday, July 8th

Only a handful participated and beyond updates on the Moon/Mars Atacama Research Station proposed for northern Chile, nothing of consequence was discussed.

Our next Town Meeting is on August 8th and will be held on Skype group chat.
Time: Wednesday 9-11 pm EDT, 8-10 pm CDT, 7-9 pm MDT, 6-8 pm PDT
Time: Thursday 2-4 am GMT (UK, Ireland), 7:30-9:30 am NDT (India), 1-3 pm AEST (Eastern Australia)

If you do not have Skype, please go to www.skype.com and download this free software. Do not download Skype 4.0 as on that version, group chat is not allowed. When you register for it, you will be prompted to select a "Skype name" this can be your name in the format "firstlast" all lower case, or you can pick a nickname.

go to the top menu and click on Contacts, "Add a Contact" and search for Peter Kokh
and select peterkokh, and add to your new contacts list. Then, when you want to join the meeting, just click on his name in your contact list and you should immediately find yourself in the Town Meeting group chat.

Further instructions for joining the Meeting via Skype will be forthcoming.

Apollo Moon Party Report
Several Moon Society Chapters and Outposts reported successful Apollo Moon Parties.

At the same time, other Chapters and Outposts had diffiuclty staging an event with only a few months lead time.

We think we should try again!

And this time we will have more months to plan more carefully! I think it would be a big mistake, and risk the same ho-hum reactions in the public with each new Apollo mission, to do an AMP for each one of them. On the other hand, all the odd # missions are notable and suggest special ways of handling the event:
  • A11 - the first!
  • A13 - near disaster - theme "Space is worth the risk"
  • A15 - Lunar Rover Debut - Manned Lunar Rover design competitions (unpressurized, pressurized)
  • A17 - the last - Lessons from Apollo missions mandate that we must return, this time to stay
The 40th Anniversary of Apollo 13 near disaster and successful recovery
Sunday April 11 - Saturday April 17, 2010
- The emergency occured on April 13th, 1970

OUR THEME: "Space is worth the Risks" - The pioneering of every froniter brought with it many risks. People did die, and in the end it was worth it. None of us who live in the Americas or Australia would be living here, if our ancestors had not accepted deadly risk as a acceptable price for the opportunity to live a more meaningful building a new frontier. We cannot allow those who have become danger-shy to impose that risk-aversity on anyone else! Volunteers have the right to risk their lives for opportunity.
  • The "deadly" Moon and how we will meet all the challenges and learn to handle them as if by second nature even as all forntier-pioneering folk before us have done. Comparison to the home country of the Eskimo and Innuit in the arctic.
  • Disadvantages are the key and the clue to turn them into Opportunities
  • A poll on the acceptability of risk, by age, demographics, income, etc.
  • The Movie Apollo 13, the Book Apollo 13, patches, other memorabilia
  • A list of Books and Films about similar heroism (Shakleton's call, and misadventures)
  • Appearnaces or video snippet from Jim Lovell, Tom Hanks, Gary Sinese, others
Project Teams
Check out the Project Teams Discussion Area on the Moon Society Forum
There has been a lot of activity on the LUNAX (Experimental Lunar Agriculture Team)


Moon Miners Manifesto & Other Moon Society Publications

MMM-India Quarterly #3 was published June 10th - www.moonsociety.org/members/mmm/
This publication is a free access pdf file available to our members and friends everywhere, not just in India.

MMM #227 August should be published the first week of that month.

Members can download MMM pdf files
here (username password required) If you have no username and password, or have forgotten it, please contact us as soon as possible and we'll get you up and running

MMM Classics #20 was published May 14th - Now the First 20 Years are available in this format, covering issues #1 Dec 1986 through #200 Nov 2006. Each volume of the MMM Classics contains all the non-time-sensitive material from a single publication issue. The MMM Classics can be freely downloaded by anyone without a Moon Society username and password.
During our July semiannual publishing break (No July MMM), we hope to put out two special issues of the MMM Classics, collecting all the Mars-theme articles from years 1-10 (under constriuction) and years 11-20 respectively. Development of a Martian frontier, apace with development of a lunar frontier, seems to us necessary for the economic viability of both, as trading partners.
An Introductory version of the new MMM Glossary, was published May 19th. The illustrated introductory version lists over 300 terms, some new words, some old words given no meaning. Many more entries are "under construction" or at least on the "to enter" list.

Many people have asked us to produce a "subject index to MMM."

As the glossary grows and matures, it will become just that or a working substitute.

But perhaps even more essentially, it will serve as a guide to the wide-ranging content of MMM, which many new members, not bothering to read through the MMM Classics, will not fully realize after just their first year's ten issues.

We might even push the Glossary as an "Explore Me First" guide not just to MMM but the hopes and aspirations and goals of The Moon Society.

Moon Society Fiction - 3rd Issue of "Moonbeams" was published May 14, 2009, under Editor Chuck Lesher.

If you have a "high frontier" tale in you, work it out and email it to moonbeams@moonsociety.org

To download the first issue, go to the archive site. Moonbeams issues are freely available in pdf file format, and members and visitors are welcome to circulate them freely and widely. The purpose is to provide fictional illustrations of what life could like on the Lunar Frontier and elsewhere within the Solar System.


Chapters & Outposts Report
- see the updated map of Moon Society Chapters and Outposts
Also check our regularly updated Chapter Events page

Welcome to our New Outpost in Nashville, TN - where members Chuck Shlemm and Mike Holmes are already doing major public outreach. They hope to recruit a third member soon and become a full-certified chapter! Great going, guys!

Society Chapters come in two versions: Community-based
(St. Louis, Phoenix, Houston, Tucson) and Campus based (College of Menominee Nation - Green Bay Campus)

An Outpost consists of one or more members in a local community that serve as (a) local contact(s) for area members and prospective members of the Society, and which have not yet met the qualifications to be given a chapter charter. To establish an outpost and become a local contact person for the society, write the Chapters Coordinator. There is no reason why a prospective campus chapter cannot start as an outpost, one or more not-yet-organized members.

Outpost Formation Plug - take a look at our Chapters & Outposts map [http://www.moonsociety.org/chapters/chapter_outpost_map.html]

If you live in an unrepresented area, why not take the plunge?

We are ready to give you plenty of help and direction, including names and addresses of current and former members in your area (xx miles form your zip code)

There is plenty of material and how-to information on the Space Chapters Hub website that we share with the chapters of The National Space Society and The Mars Society..

Write: chapters-coordinator@moonsociety.org

International Presence
See MMM-India Quarterly - a free access pdf file newsletter

President Peter Kokh and Director of Project Development, a team that doubles as Editor and Assistant Editor of MMM-India Quarterly, have been encouraged by the reaction in India to the first three issues of "M3IQ" which response has included three inquiries about setting up Moon Society chapters in India. We are also picking up regular members (for MMM) of Indian origin living in the USA.

We see enormous potential and considerable enthusiasm. To move this effort up a notch, we've added a link on the "About the Society Page" and a fresh page introducing our expanding initiatives within India.

This effort is still in the infancy stage, but the only policy that makes sense is an actively progressive one. In the end, it will be individuals and groups within India who make this effort their own, that will make this a successful venture.

We have taken advantage of sizable student groups from India attending the ISDC in 2008 and again in 2008, and with as many contacts in India as we can find.

Contact: mmm-india@moonsociety.org
CHILE - Planning for the proposed Moon Mars Atacama Research Station coninues. If you wish to be involved or just update, join our google group: http://groups.google.com/group/moonmars
As we have also been involved in Mexico for some time, and now have an inquiry from Colombia, it now makes sense to look for English to Spanish Translaters so that we can prepare outreach materials for Spanish speaking countries.

The member-organized Moon-Mine Project in central Sweden which we support is making major advances.
The Moon Society is looking more International every day.
Events: Annual Events, ISDCs and more.

April 11-17, 2010 - Apollo Moon Party #2 - 40th anniversary of the near disaster Apollo 13 missions 

May 27-31, 2010 - International Space Development Conference: ISDC 2010 in Chicago, IL
As Chicago is a 90 mile hour and a half commute from where most of the Moon Society (and Lunar Reclamation Society) exhibits are stored (in Milwaukee) we expect to provide a major contribution to the exhibit room. And as we have worked closely with the conference organizers for over twenty years, we expect a good chunk of presentation opportunities as well.

Hotel room rates and conference registration rates will be considerably lower than those in Orlando.
The hotel is brand new - The Intercontinental O'Hare. (map) (Hotel's in Chicago's downtown "Loop" have a very hight hotel tax.)

Chicago has excellent air connections to everywhere. (Flights to Midway will involve higher transit costs to the hotel which is near O'Hare.) Plan now on coming, or at least keep the dates open! Chicago 1989 was a super-ISDC and the same people are bringing us this one. We can only expect the biggest and best ever.


Publicity Report

MMM Library subscriptions project courtesy of the Lunar Reclamation Society, publishers of MMM. We have received 6 so far. If you would like to have MMM go to your local library, send ch/mo for $10 (one year) to the publishers,

“Lunar Reclamation Society”
PO Box 2102
Milwaukee, WI 53201
(include the name and address of the library)

Looking for volunteers to put out fliers at various space conferences and science fiction conventions they may be attending. Let us know about space conferences and science fiction cons that you are planning to attend. Write president@moonsociety.org


CALENDAR for Leadership/Management Council/Town Meetings

We meet on the ASI-MOO on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday nights monthly, 9-11 pm ET, 8-10 pm CT, 7-9 pm MT, 6-8 pm Moon Leaders room. Directions from the Commons: "north", then "moon-leaders"

Anyone may choose to audit our meetings and to contribute input to discussions. Use your Moon Society username and password, or sign in as a guest. Note: let us know in advance so we can tell the Door Dragon to let you in!
NEXT: June  17th, July 1st and 15th