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About Frontlines

This is our 29th issue. Frontlines is a formatted monthly Moon Society news report that comes out each month just after the first (of two) Management Council meetings each month, and/or after the publication of the month's issue of Moon Miners Manifesto. These reports are being archived, so members and visitors can check past reports.

Frontlines reports on Society activities, efforts, and projects. You pay your dues, and have a right to know what we are doing to make your membership worthwhile, and to address your interests in a place for humans on the Moon.

We have been making steady progress on a wide variety of fronts. We want you to hold us accountable for continuing to do so!


Current Management Council Actions & Discussions

July 21st Meeting
We had an interesting discussion about a possible alternative to the expensive creation of our own Lunar Analog Research Station: various chapters or other working groups could convert an old camper (= cheap) into a module for a multi-modular analog station. Each summer, we could all rendezvous at a new location, hook up, and do an exercise.
Option 1: At MDRS in south central Utah, the land is not a cost item. The Mars Society has an indefinite free lease on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land. The condition is that when the Society does not need it anymore, the land must be returned to its original state. But what costs money is sending one or more people out to look for an ideal location. That cost can be quite high unless those who do the looking, do so on their own dime. And then there is the logistics question of construction, repair and reconstruction. In the Mobile Modular alternative, all that work would be done where the local team members live!  Any extra work at the season's rendezvous location would be minor (hooking up, and then unhooking). Local teams would raise the money that they needed. If, and that's  a big if, we could get the Calgary Space Workers to join this effort, then we already have a completed and working "Command Module," their renovated 31 foot Airstream trailer. By sticking with trailers and or motor RVs, we are able to buy used equipment cheap, engage a lot of non-members in helping recondition the unit, be sure that we don't exceed road width and height and length and weight limits, etc. If only some of the teams were ready when the time to gather approached, we'd just adjust the season's research program accordingly. This might mean that we do something 2-4 weeks a year, not 4-5 months as at MDRS, 6 weeks as at FMARS in the high arctic (Canada's Devon Island.)

Options 2: In September, we will look at another option. Instead of a comprehensive analog research agenda, we would concentrate on a decentralized bite size research programs that fit the facilities we had. And in this case, we would have no annual gathering. Rather this kind of research would be done in/near City A and on a continuing basis, while that kind of research would be done in/near City B, and so on. In this plan we could get our feet wet early, still engage local chapters and other groups, work more of the year. But we would not generate the kind of publicity that one "movie set qualified' site has garnered for the Mars Society. So this plan has advantages also. It will be presented in more detail at the September 1st or 15th Management Committee meeting.

The bottom line is finding a humble way to get our feet wet, that involves the least amount of up front money, and the greatest amount of local talent. Nor would it matter which location (and research program portion) came on line first. And that is an enormous advantage. Plus this decentralized plan would create local publicity and strengthen any chapters involved. All of these locations could fly the lunar tricolor flag that we introduced at the Moon Society Exercise at MDRS in late February, early March 2006 - "Artemis Moonbase Sim 1- link 1 - link 2 (scroll down to crew 45)

August 4th Meeting -

Changing Image Feature on our homepage. Peter reported on his plan to upgrade this feature. The homepage "thumbnail" image calls up a larger one, or a more developed one that may include text, plus a link or more to an article or articles in past MMM issues (MMM Classics) relevant to the topic in question. Scotty Gammenthaler volunteered to write the enabling code.
As of August 11th the number of images in this library had grown substantially to 133, 124 of which take you to an article with a simple click. Try it, its "cool." As the featured image changes at random each time you visit the page, this is a fun way to explore the very wide range of topics discussed in Moon Miners' Manifesto through the last 24 years! More.
Here is an example. Click on it!
Will Pioneers trash the Moon?
It won't work here, but when you start from the homepage and click on the second image, you will get links that take you right to relevant past articles!

Ongoing collaborations with other organizations:
ExploreMars.org is a new "project-focused organization. As we personally know both its President (Artemis Westinberg) and Executive Director (Chris Carberry), we are already discussing specific collaboration projects.

American Lunar Society:
An organization of amateur astronomers interested in observing the Moon. We have a 2nd project proposal in the definition stage that we will be seeking to publish in a future issue of Selenology, their quarterly, which all members are welcome to download (member username and password needed)

The National Space Society:
In 2005, we helped an aging couple from South Carolina to arrange in their will, a bequest to The Lunar Reclamation Society, The Moon Society, and The National Space Society. They have both now passed on, the will has gone through probate, and a same size check will be cut for all three. I will be lobbying hard that this money be set aside for collaboration projects. There is a precedent: all three organizations were equal cosponsors of the Moon Society moonbase simulation exercise in Utah at the Mars Desert Research Station in early 2006. I have proposed three different projects for consideration. We'll have to wait and see what happens

The next Management Committee Meeting (and Quarterly Board Meeting) will be on August 18th
If you would like the Management Committee to consider a new initiative or idea, contact president@moonsociety.org
Town Meeting Discussions  and our Annual Membership Meeting

NOTE: The next Quarterly Town Meeting is set to be held on Skype group chat Wednesday November 10, 2010
The next Quarterly window, August 11th is the scheduled slot for our 3rd annual Membership Meeting.
The time is Time: 9-11 pm ET, 8-10 pm CT, 7-9 pm MT, 6-8 pm PT Wed = 2-4 am Thurs UT (GMT)
Town Meetings will be held the week before the Board Meetings in February, May, and November - that is, three times a year - There is a calendar listing Society Meetings at the bottom of the Conferences 2010 page. You may download this one-page ready-to-print calendar with several artwork options from the bottom of our Downloads Page.
If you do not have Skype, please go to www.skype.com and download this free software. Do not download Skype 4.0 as on that version, group chat is not allowed. But Skype 4.1 is okay! When you register for it, you will be prompted to select a "Skype name" this can be your name in the format "firstlast" all lower case, or you can pick a nickname.

go to the top menu and click on Contacts, "Add a Contact" and search for Peter Kokh
and select peterkokh, and add to your new contacts list. Then, when you want to join the meeting, just click on his name in your contact list and you should immediately find yourself in the Town Meeting group chat.


Moon Miners Manifesto & Other Moon Society Publications

MMM #237 PDF fileAugust 2010 is late. We hope to publish it by Augut 14, 2010.

The MMM-India Quarterly #7 was published July 1st, 2020.

MMM is not published in January or July MMM is not published in January or July (to give the editor a semi-annual burnout prevention break and time to get recharged)

MMM #238 is scheduled for publication in early September

Members can download MMM pdf files here and Selenology pdf files here (username password required for both) If you have no username and password, or have forgotten it, please contact us as soon as possible and we'll get you up and running

MMM-India Quarterly #8 is set for publication in October this year.
All "M3IQ" issues may be freely downloaded from this address
MOONSCAPES is the name picked for our new formatted email newsletter
Banner Image for Moonscapes

Thanks to Alex Knox of Tulsa for the winning banner design; Alex wins a 3-year renewal of his membership
Thanks to Dan Hawk of Green Bay who suggested the name; Dan wins a 1-year renewal of his membership

The first issue is in preparation and should be out by mid-August

Dennis Groves of Mequon, WI (Milwaukee) is the editor - We thank the four other members who had volunteered to help.
That Dennis lives near the Society President and that we already do lunch often, was a deciding factor. Sending out in-house formatted email newsletters is part of his job-description at Miller-Coors which is headquartered in Milwaukee

We are excited about this project
If we have a current email address for you in our database, you will receive a copy
There is an automated "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of each issue, should you prefer not to get further issues
If you are a user of Earthlink's spam-blocking service and do not check requests to whitelist certain Moon Society addresses, you will not receive it. Any "blocked" email addresses will be removed from our database;   cooperation is a two-way street1

Your input on the first and future issues will be much appreciated.

MMM Themes Collections -
The following issues have been published:
We are working on the following
  • Lunar Analog Research
  • The Lunar Economy (Exo-economics)
  • At Home on the Moon
  • Lunar surface activities
These Theme Issues are, like the Classics, free access pdf files, no member username and password needed. See download address above.

These publications will appear as we find time to put them together. A fringe benefit of organizing all past articles by theme, is that it can serve as preparation for an eventual “MMM the Book.” That is a project title, not the book title, which will be determined later.

Introducing new, special "Vector" pages:
Members and visitors may wonder what the Moon Society stance may be on interrelated space issues. The following pages are now online:
Yet to come:
  • http://www.moonsociety.org/astronomy/
  • others?
We hope to make these pages accessible by direct link from our homepage. The current idea is to add a "Vectors Menu" just below the "Destinations Menu" in the right hand column of our homepage.

An Introductory version of the new MMM Glossary
[!!! new address !!!] was published May 19th, 2009. The illustrated introductory version lists over 300 terms, some new words, some old words given no meaning. New entries are being added from time to time.

Many people have asked us to produce a "subject index to MMM."  As the glossary grows and matures, it will become just that or a working substitute.

But perhaps even more essentially, it will serve as a guide to the wide-ranging content of MMM, which many new members, not bothering to read through the MMM Classics, will not fully realize after just their first year's ten issues.

We might even push the Glossary as an "Explore Me First" guide not just to MMM but the hopes and aspirations and goals of The Moon Society.

Moonbeams #7 is still open for submissions:  The editor  is Chuck Lesher, of Moon Society Phoenix.
If you have a "high frontier" tale in you, work it out and email it to moonbeams@moonsociety.org

To download the first six issues, go to the archive site. Moonbeams issues are freely available in pdf file format, and members and visitors are welcome to circulate them freely and widely. The purpose is to provide fictional illustrations of what life could like on the Lunar Frontier and elsewhere within the Solar System.
2010 1-sheet Meetings Calendars have been published, in 7 artwork versions, 4 horizontal, 3 vertical
Just print on card stock and frame
A new issues of Selenology has been published.
The Spring 2010 issue of this newsletter from our affiliate The American Lunar Society can be downloaded from this directory, using your Moon Society member username and password - http://moonsociety.org/members/selenology/


Chapters & Outposts Report
- see the updated map of Moon Society Chapters and Outposts
Also check our regularly updated Chapter Events page

Society Chapters come in two versions: Community-based (St. Louis, Phoenix, Houston, Tucson) and Campus based (College of Menominee Nation - Green Bay Campus). The San Diego Outpost has four members and meets every other month, but has not organized (selected officers.)

Volunteers are attempting to form chapters in Nashville, Memphis, and Knoxville (all in Tennessee) and in Indianapolis, IN, and Dallas-Ft Worth, TX, and in the Washington DC metro area. If you live in one of these areas and would like to be involved, contact chapters-coordinato@moonsociety.org

The Houston chapter has now combined resources and meetings with the NSS Houston (Clear Lake) chapter. The Milwaukee Outpost now has four member but will not organize separately, but continue to  meet conjointly with the Lunar Reclamation Society NSS chapter which has been partnering with the Moon Society, and with Artemis Society International before it, since 1995.
An updated look at chapter events.
An Outpost consists of one or more members in a local community that serve as (a) local contact(s) for area members and prospective members of the Society, and which have not yet met the qualifications to be given a chapter charter. To establish an outpost and become a local contact person for the society, write the Chapters Coordinator. There is no reason why a prospective campus chapter cannot start as an outpost, one or more not-yet-organized members.

International Chapters - see below

Outpost Formation Plug - take a look at our Chapters & Outposts map [http://www.moonsociety.org/chapters/chapter_outpost_map.html]

If you live in an unrepresented area, why not take the plunge?

We are ready to give you ample help and direction, including names and addresses of current and former members in your area (xx miles form your zip code location.)

There is plenty of material and how-to information on the Space Chapters Hub website that we share with the chapters of The National Space Society and The Mars Society..

Write: chapters-coordinator@moonsociety.org

International Scene
LATIN AMERICA - visit our Espaņol page - our Spanish language clone is in very early stages of construction
Puerto Rico
The Moon Society is cosponsoring the Puerto Rico Space Congress to be held in San Juan, Puerto Rico, October 23-27, 2010. The conference is shaping up nicely and looks to be an exceptional one.
Mexico has finally approved its own Space Agency, AEXA, and is deciding on a headquarters site. The government and has picked a launch site in Quintano Roo State in the Yucatan Peninsula on the Carri bean Coast just north of Belize.

The state of Jalisco (Guadalajara) is bidding for the AEXA HQ site, and is considering a space theme park north of Guadalajara that will include a lunar analog facility open to tourists; the MexLunarHab. We have been working in Mexico through our agent, Jesus Raygoza.
CHILE - Moon/Mars Atacama Research Station - Right now, in the aftermath of Chile's recent Earthquake, focus is elsewhere, but behind the scened, organizational activities of a Chilean Center of Excellence continue.
If the Moon Society's role in Chile is to expand beyond a merely advisory one, we need to develop a family of chapters within Chile to play a supporting role at MMARS.  And we need to clone the Society "in Espaņol."
Our decision to spin off a Spanish Language Moon Society website and to create a number of papers and flyers in Spanish, should help promote this effort, as well as to promote the creation of Spanish-language Moon Society chapters in Mexico and in Chile, the two nations in which our efforts are currently concentrated.

MMM-Spanish Quarterly Protect Update - June 7, 2010
"Manifiesto Mineros de la Luna Trimestral" - proposed title, translation double checked
proposed Spanish Language masthead
Dave Dunlop, Moon Society Director of Project Development and Society President Pater Kokh, have worked on a plan to advance this project. Peter will1) solicit articles from known Spanish-speaking colleagues,
1) Solicit articles from known Spanish-speaking colleagues,
2) Have Goggle translate existing and new MMM articles
3) Provide or suggest some illustrations
4) Perhaps a fresh appeal to members for a volunteer editor
5) Consult with NSS, who might want to cosponsor such a publication
This project needs not just a special Editor but an Editorial Team with members from Mexico, Spain, Puerto Rico, Chile, Argentina, Peru, and other interested countries, including someone from the Spanish speaking community in the U.S.

In the meantime, we will address the items listed above.

Apropos, the Puerto Rico Space Congress, which the Society is cosponsoring, is October 24-27.
And the 6th Space Conference of the Americas (CEA) will be  in the city of Pachuca, the capital of the central Mexican state of Hidalgo. November 15-19, 2010.

It would be great to have the first MMM-Espaņol-Quarterly edition ready for both events, but that seems an improbable goal at the moment (which, of course means that we will give it a college try.)
See MMM-India Quarterly - a free access pdf file newsletter

MMM-India Quarterly #7was published July 1st. M3IQ #8 is set for October.
The Newly announced Moon Society India is moving swiftly to come into its own. Indian writers have contributed a major portion of the 5th issue of Moon Miners' Manifesto - India Quarterly - "M3IQ" as we have come to call it.
 Eventually, M3IQ will either become an all-India publication or be replaced with a new publication put together inside India. This is as it should be, and we in the Moon Society look forward to the Moon Society India organization coming into its own, with pride and satisfaction.
(2) From Moon Society India leader Pradeep Mohandas
The Moon Society India is in the final stage of  incorporation,  and had a major presence at the SEDS India Conference April 11-12, in Vellore, 113 km west of Chennai in Tamil Nadu state, and 150 km east of Bangalore.
Moon Society India will be incorpoated in Chennai.
Those interested in helping create Moon Society chapters in India should contact

Contact: moonsocietyindia@gmail.com
The member-organized Moon-Mine Project in central Sweden which we have been support, is encountering problems with the owner of the property,  and Niklas Jarvstrat, project organizer is becoming discouraged. He may move to Oxford, England, UK and will look into usable abandoned mine sites in that country.

The Moon Society is looking more International every day.
Events: Annual Events, ISDCs and more.

Spaceweek 2010
- October 4-10. If you have ideas of what we can do "special" and "noteworthy" to celebrate this occasion, please send them our way. (president@moonsociety.org) We need to make plans soon!

May 20-23, 2011 -
International Space Development Conference: ISDC 2011 in Huntsville, AL
This time the dates are for the weekend before Memorial Day Weekend
More information to follow.
July 26 - August 7th, 2011 - we are considering a number of contests and competitions


Publicity Report

MMM Library subscriptions project courtesy of the Lunar Reclamation Society, publishers of MMM. We have received 6 so far. If you would like to have MMM go to your local library, send ch/mo for $10 (one year) to the publishers,

“Lunar Reclamation Society”
PO Box 2102
Milwaukee, WI 53201
(include the name and address of the library)

Looking for volunteers to put out fliers at various space conferences and science fiction conventions they may be attending. Let us know about space conferences and science fiction cons that you are planning to attend. Write president@moonsociety.org


CALENDAR for Leadership/Management Committee Meetings

We meet on the ASI-MOO on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday nights monthly, 9-11 pm ET, 8-10 pm CT, 7-9 pm MT, 6-8 pm Moon Leaders room. Directions from the Commons: "north", then "moon-leaders"

Anyone may choose to audit our meetings and to contribute input to discussions. Use your Moon Society username and password, or sign in as a guest. Note: let us know in advance so we can tell the Door Dragon to let you in!
NEXT: January 20th, February (and March) 3rd and 17th