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There is a lot more on the Moon Society Website than meets the eye! You just have to do a little exploring.

Some things are right up front

The current phase of the Moon in the upper right hand corner, with a link to features prominent in a small telescope for this phase

A link to "Who We Are and What We Do" in web page format as well as downloadable brochure and flyer pdf files. We hope that this document will dispel unrealistic expectations of what a small organization can do, and at the same time excite you with the strategy we are pursuing!

A top center Changing Image from our files, changing on a random basis many times a day: an illustration, a piece of artwork, or a photo to give you a glimpse of what life on the future lunar frontier may be like. Do click on the image for a larger view with added text to explain what you are looking at. We created this feature to encourage visitors and members to visit our homepage often, for up-to-date information on the Society’s progress

Below that, is a listing of recent Moon Society announcements, with the most current at the top. Reading through these will give you an idea of what we have been up to recently - quite a bit!

A the bottom of this list, there is a special link:
What's new in the Moon Society? - (month) (year)
with the “What’s new” in bright yellow against the blue background, to attract your attention. Click on this link for the current issue of “Frontlines” - a new monthly report to members and visitors on current Society activities and progress. Previous issues of Frontlines are archived on this page.

Next Comes a direct link to Lunar Enterprise Daily, "tomorrow's Moon-relevant news today" - a direct link to the page provided by Space Age Publishing, courtesy of the publisher, Moon Society Advisor Steven Durst.

And finally, Today's Space Science News, a combined feed from many sources.

To the left

The Main Menu in the left hand column, will tell you quite a bit about us, if you click on link by link.

About the Society will take you to our list of Officers, Directors, Advisors, Staff, and by laws.

Our Newsletter, Moon Miners' Manifesto, newsletter, has been in continuous production, ten issues a year, for two decades, and is widely known in the space enthusiast community at large, not just within the Moon Society. MMM's forte, is not bringing you up to date on the latest space news, but sketching what life on the early lunar frontier might be like. Of course, we do highlight significant current news items as well. Access to the archive of pdf files of current issues (May 2001 forward) is restricted to members by requiring a username and password.

But visitors have access to the Editor's choice of these recent issues as well as to the MMM Classics 1-18, with each volume gathering, reediting, reillustrating, reformatting, and republishing all the non-time-sensitive articles form each of MMM's first 18 years, December 1986 through November 2004.

Members also have access to the pdf files of Selenology Quarterly, the publication of our affiliate organization, The American Lunar Society which concentrates on observing the Moon through a telescope.

Projects - We have a few long term projects, and quite a few concrete projects which pursue our goals, step by step. The list of these endeavors keeps growing as we try to make real progress.

Reports - Here is a list of reports by the Society, or by the Society President on various issues, with the most recent at the top.

Moon base trials - In early 2006, we fielded our first Moon Society Crew at the Mars Society's Mars Desert Research Station in Utah. Click this link to find out more! We hope that this is the first installment in a program of moonbase simulations not necessarily in Utah.

Spread the Word - Here members and friends will find downloadable brochures and flyers to use in publicizing the Society and its projects.

Our Blog - We got our blog, "Artemis Moonbase Under Construction" underway in connection with our moonbase exercises in Utah. We hope to find more contributors to keep it going. The blog will cover everything we do in the Moon Society that leads to the eventual construction of a real civilian settlement on the Moon.

Volunteering - Our Society is an all volunteer organization, from officers and staff, to chapter and outpost leaders, to individuals helping in many other roles. If you have talent and some free time, we would love to have you join us in a volunteer capacity of your choosing.

My Moon Society - This calls up a page on which current Moon Society Members can double check the data under their name in our database (and correct contact information, etc., as needed) and view the list of volunteer teams they have joined, allowing them to join and quit teams. Access to this are is via username and password.

Moon study course - One of the major benefits of our affiliation with The American Lunar Society, a group of amateur astronomers fascinated with telescopic observation of the Moon, is our cosponsorship of their Lunar Study and Observing Certificate Program. Take this course, and you will be surprised how much more familiar you have become with the Moon's nearside face, the side always turned towards Earth. The program begins by giving the participant the basics of Selenology, or Lunar Geology, so that when you begin actual telescope observations of select features on the Moon, you will have a understanding of the nature of what you are looking at.

Chapters and Outposts - Some of our members want to represent the society in their communities. Our Chapter system gives them that chance. It is not easy to start a chapter, which requires at least two other members, so we grant status and dignity to individuals who are willing to serve as contact persons, under the title "Outpost" until they do find two additional interested persons. Outposts also include those who prefer to work alone. We provide our chapter and outpost volunteers with many resources, including access to the Space Chapter Hub, which we share with the chapters of the Mars Society and the National Space Society. Some chapters meet simply to discuss space events and issues amongst themselves. Others are active in public outreach. Some have embarked on some kind of concrete project. Our chapters are as individual as are our members.

In addition, some National Space Society chapters with a strong interest in the Moon partner with the Moon Society.

Outreach Events Calendar - For those who would like to spread the words about the Society and the exciting prospects for lunar settlement and development, this page lists some annual events on which you may want to "piggyback" your efforts. Like all pages on our website, this one is a "work in progress"

Teams - This link takes you directly to a list of Moon Society and Artemis Society International Teams that members can join, or choose to quit. This page allows you to manage your volunteer services.

Members Only - This page lists the archive sections that can be accessed only with a current member username and password. We want to share as much as we can with visitors and friends. But at the same time, we reserve some things for members only as a primary tangible benefit of membership, in addition to being able to volunteer in many ways.

Welcome Packet - You have already found this link! That's how you got to this page! This material is for not only for new members, but for visitors, friends, and the simply curious. We want you to know about us!

Contact Us - The Society does not have a physical headquarters. Our officers, directors, advisors, and staff are all volunteers and work from home. We do have two PO Boxes, one to mail memberships and to take care of membership services information. The second PO Box is for mail that concerns Society Projects and Programs.

To the Right - Destinations

Lunarpedia - Our new wiki-type online encyclopedia devoted entirely to the Moon, past, present, future

Lunar Directory - A list of other Moon-focused organizations and projects, with whom we are mutually comfortable, and open to collaboration.

Conferences (of the current calendar year) - This list, which we try to keep up to date, lists the primary US and Canadian space conferences which are of interest to our members. We also list which conferences society leaders plan on attending or have attended.

ISDC link to a page which details our current plans to participate in the next annual International Space Development Conference of the National Space Society, of which we are an affiliate organization.

Moon Missions - This page lists known Moon Missions in various stages of planning.

Online Papers - In addition to our newsletter, many other informative papers are online, produced by the Society, Society members, and affiliate organizations - all great reading

Moon Info and Things Lunar - Many people visiting our website are looking for information about the Moon. You will find quite a bit of information here, under various categories, from observing the Moon, to Moon-relevant conferences, Moon computer wallpaper, Lunar Calendars, Moon-related projects, Moon Missions Pending, Non-Fiction Books about the Moon, Moon Society White Papers, Moon Speak/Online Glossaries, the Moon at the Movies, the Moon in Science-Fiction, Lunar Bibliographies, even the Moon in Music (click and listen). The Non-Fiction book list includes handy direct links for each title to Amazon.com so that you can check out reader reviews. It also shows the Book Cover, where an image is available.

Down Below .... To the left

Join the Society button - this page will take you through registering online with a credit card at our secure site, and tell you how to do so by mail, should you so prefer, using a credit card, a check, or a money order. This page also lists membership benefits.

Make a Donation - Click here to get a PayPal page on which you can make a donation to the Society. If you wish your donation to go to a specific purpose or project, you must accompany your PayPal donation with an email to treasurer@moonsociety.org specifying the purpose or project which you wish your donation to go.

ASI-MOO - Our virtual Luna City and Chat Room. The Chat Room environment is divided into many individual rooms. It is in one of these that the Society's Leadership Council meets twice a month. Members are welcome to explore and enjoy the many features. Others can sign up as "guest"

Lunar Traders - this is an online store begun by one of our members, at which you can purchase a variety of goods; books, clothing, and much more.

The Moon Society Store - Our shop on CafePress.com offers Moon Society logo items of many kinds. There is a link provided to our second Cafe Press store that sells logo items promoting out Moonbase exercises in Utah.

CyberTeams - The Website Management software company that provides us with team-managed website content management software and also provides our server.

Down Below ... To the right

Planetary Society of Youth logo - TPSY is India's largest youth space organization, and now an affiliate of the Moon Society.

Gaia-Selene - Click here for information on an important documentary "Saving Earth by Colonizing the Moon." Using lunar resources to provide unlimited clean energy for Earth may be the only viable and adequate solution to Earth's two most pressing and is stubbornly intertwined problems: energy generation and global warming. This documentary DVD is the work of a Moon Society member and Advisor.

Artemis Society SETI@Home Team - our Team has compiled an impressive amount of time on this project.

Bottom Center

Artemis Society International - It all began with the founding of the Artemis Society in 1995. By 2000, the need became clear for a more broadly based Moon-focused organization and the Moon Society was formed, taking over "membership services," including chapters, from the Artemis Society which remains a meeting ground for Artemis Project program participants. Any new member can choose to belong to Artemis Society International as well,a t no extra cost. The focus of ASI remains the Artemis Project, to design and deploy the first commercial lunar outpost. The Moon Society shares the goal of promoting private enterprise on the Moon,involving civilian settlement.

ASI also began an ambitious project called the Artemis Data Book which seeks to outline the Artemis Project and Refence Mission, but also to provide a compendium of knowledge about the Moon itself and its resources. Work on this latter part continues.

The Moon Society Website remains a "work-in-progress,"
growing with the Society and its projects.
If you are already a member, why not become more involved?
And if you are a fiend, visitor, or guest, we welcome you to join us!


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