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When designing the Flyer Display Poster I had in mind a way for exhibitors to display the flyer such that attendees could read it easily from a distance, it also proudly displays some of Vik Olliver's eye catching graphics which will hopefully draw some attention to the stand.

The basic idea is to display the main body of the flyer on a poster about 2 feet wide and 3 feet high. I used the Cafepress large poster as a guideline as it is 23 inches by 35 inches. The picture, Fig.1, shows what the basic unadorned poster looks like.

There are several ways of mounting the poster all of which effect the manner in which the flyers are secured to the front.

Probably the simplest way would be to use a flipchart easel and mount the poster on the easel with some carefully applied (and later, more carefully removed) tape. Then, using some cardboard, fashion a pair of open top, open front boxes to hold the flyers. Mounting these boxes on the pen tray of the flipchart easel should work adequately.

The next picture, Fig. 2, shows roughly how it should look with two stacks of black and white flyers mounted on it.

Another, more elaborate way to do things would be to glue the poster to some plywood, hardboard or foamboard (in decreasing order of weight).

Keeping the surface safe from wear and tear is possible using a roll of clear self-adhesive plastic, which would actually leave you with a washable outer surface. The edges can be protected with some of those plastic strips used for binding small quantities of paper.

If you mount the poster on a board of some description, the flyers could be held in wall file pockets, though I have yet to find a source for these in sizes less than 11" wide. So you might actually have to make something yourself.

The flyer display poster is available from The Moon Society Store at Cafepress for $18.99 plus shipping.


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