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Updated 10-05-2006

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Constructing an Artemis Project Display

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NEW - The Moon Society: Who We Are & What We Do
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NEW - Artemis Moonbase Sim 1 Mission at MDRS Feb. 26 - Mar 12, 2006 PowerPoint Slide Show created by CapCom Gerry Williams of Mars Society San Diego
Or Download the pdf file version of this slide show.


Moon Society Materials that speak to Mars Enthusiasts

  • Lunar & Martian Frontiers will have Much in Common (2-sided) (pdf)
  • Moon Society - Mars Society: Collaboration & Joint Project Areas (2-sided) (pdf)
  • Mars in Moon Miners' Manifesto (2-sided) (pdf)
  • Moon Society special brochure: "Mars is in our Field of View" (2-sided triple-fold) pdf) - revised and expanded 5-17-05


    Constructing an Artemis Project Display

  • Artemis ProjectStoryboard
  • 3D Moonscape Diorama
  • Alternative Walk-around tour Diorama
  • EZ-make 1:50 scale Artemis Moonbase Model for your diorama
  • Photo of Completed Artemis Moonbase Exhibit
  • Accompanying Artemis ProjectPostcard Display


    Moon-theme flyers (on the Space Chapter Hub)
    From the Artemis Society, Space Studies Institute, Glenn Harlan Reynolds, Lunar Reclamation Society

  • ASI - SpaceMotorcycle.pdf - The is a minimial open-vacuum lunar ascent vehicle for two persons (in the Artemis Project ™ Refernce Mission) - Artwork © by Vik Olliver- Color file meant to be used as a poster or as a transparency
  • SSI - MoonPieChart.pdf - Use this color flile as a poster or transparency. The Moon may be "Pie in the Sky" but, oh, what a recipe! Just what we need to make metal alloys, glass, ceramics, concrete and other building materials. The grounds for economic and industrial self-reliance.
  • SSI - MoonPieChartBW.pdf - Use this B/W version of the above as a flyer. Best printed in grayscale. Has blank space in box for your chapter name and contact information.
  • SFF - LunarDeclarationSFF.pdf - This is a document produced by the Space Frontier Foundation for the First Lunar Base Development Conference in Houston, 1999.
  • GHR - MoonTreatyObjections.pdf - This was written by Prof. Glenn Harlan Reynolds (law) and helps educate the public on relevant legal questions
  • LRS - MoonGlobeFlyer.pdf - This flyer, either in a vertical acrylic flyer holder (clear 8x10 photo holder) , or as take with flyer, is a good companion to a Moon Globe, if you have one for your information table.
  • LRS - MoonToStayPetition.pdf - This is a petition LRS (NSS-Milwaukee) has used in the past. Even if you don't turn the petitions in to anyone, the act of signing it helps reinforce a positive opinion in the mind of the signer, and you get his or her contact information as a fringe benefit.
  • LRS - Green Earth - Clean Moon environmental flyer green_clean.pdf
  • LRS - MoonHomesteadFlyerA.pdf - MoonHomesteadFlyerB.pdf - This pair of pdf files (one portrait, the other land-scape) forms a double-sided flyer. LRS produced this flyer to explain what the visitor was seeing when he or she looked at our table top moonbase homestead. But with the diagram on the one side, the explanation on the other, this two-sided flyer is informative in itself. Plus it gives the URL for a photo of the table top exhibit.
  • LRS - 15Q_LunarSettlement.pdf - This is a two sided flyer answering common questions about the idea of Settlements on the Moon.
  • LRS - 20Q_LunarResources.pdf - This is a two sided flyer answering common questions about Resources on the Moon
  • LRS - 12Q_LunarLavatubes.pdf - This is a two sided flyer answering common questions about Lavatubes on the Moon
  • More to come (subjects: Lunar lavatubes, Artemis Moonbase, Lunar Obervatories, Proposed South Pole Aitken Basin Sample Return Mission)


    Moon-theme slides & transparencies (on the Space Chapter Hub)

    NEW - Artemis Moonbase Sim 1 Mission at MDRS Feb. 26 - Mar 12, 2006 PowerPoint Slide Show created by CapCom Gerry Williams of Mars Society San Diego

    From Space Studies Institute

    • Using Material From Earth is Expensive - Due to the Earth's much greater gravity, lifting items into orbit from the Earth is much costlier than obtaining building materials from the Moon (or asteroids). 1270 by 781 JPEG (198kb) or 640 by 394 JPEG (97kb)
    • Reusable Lunar Lander - A crane offloads a habitation module from a lander. This lunar effort must proceed in a more sustainable way, for this time we are on the moon not for political purposes, but to do economically valuable work. 730 by 540 JPEG (83kb)
    • Using Soil for Protection - Lunar soil or "regolith" will be piled up over the modules. This will protect the inhabitants from both cosmic rays and micrometeoroids, as well as reduce temperature swings. As it happens, dust in a vacuum is excellent insulation. 792 by 538 JPEG (99kb)
    • Lunar Paydirt - The rich Lunar Soil is composed of many minerals that are the raw materials required for life support, rocket fuel, construction and development. Methods of extracting these raw materials have already been developed using existing technology. 1221 by 801 JPEG (217kb) or 640 by 420 JPEG (87kb)
    • Lunar Mining - A mining base powered by solar collectors provides the materials for further construction on the Moon and in Earth orbit. 1270 by 893 JPEG (621kb) or 640 by 450 JPEG (206kb)
    • The Mass Driver - SSI has built progressively more powerful models of the mass driver, a kind of electromagnetic accelerator. Such an electrical catapult could economically launch lunar material into space. Mass drivers with the same accelerating power as has been demonstrated in the lab can do this within reasonable lengths. 825 by 547 JPEG (73kb)
    • Mass Drivers Deliver - Electromagnetic mass drivers using solar power provide low cost transportation of materials to space construction sites. 1270 by 877 JPEG (460kb) or 640 by 442 JPEG (153kb)
    • Astronaut at Far End of Mass Driver - Deflection plates near the end of the mass driver make minute adjustments to the trajectory of the launched ore to ensure it reaches its target: a mass catcher at the L-2 point. 782 by 516 JPEG (91kb)
    • Flow of Lunar Materials - After a load of lunar ore is accumulated at L-2, it is transported to a Space Manufacturing Facility (SMF) in High Earth Orbit. 798 by 548 JPEG (64kb)
    • Lunar Farm - The ability to grow food locally will be vital to economically sustaining human presences on the moon, on other planets, and in orbital habitats. 796 by 532 JPEG (108kb)

      From the Lunar Reclamation Society

    • RelativeSizesPoster.pdf - Relative Sizes: Earth, Moon, Mars
    • SystemTradeRoutesTP.pdf - Inner Solar System Trade Routes based on the location of resources, gravity wells, and prospects for economic development

      From Other Sources

    • LunarSolarPowerSystem.pdf - Shows how the Lunar Solar Power Array proposed by David Criswell would work


      Space Calendar Event Strategies

    • "Yuri's Night" - April 12 - anniversary of Gagarin's first human space flight - 0bservance of this worldwide event started in 2001 and is growing.
    • Astronomy Day - a national day, usually celebrated in April, but local astronomy club observances vary. Check with your local Astronomy club
    • Earth Day - Saturday closest to April 22nd
    • Space Day - has been on July 20th [first Moon landing, first Mars Viking landing]. on October 4th [Sputnik], and is now observed on the first Thursday in May
    • World Space Week - in October centered on October 4th, the anniversary of Sputnik 1 and the Dawn of the Space Age. October 7, 2007 will be the 50th Anniversary






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