Discussion in Moon Miners' Manifesto
of the Role of a University
in an Actual Lunar Settlement

MMM #29 October 1989

"PRINZTON: Part IV Village Residential Areas

"Small but vital, the University of Prinzton in MIDVALE will have enterprise formation and assistance as major functions. Concentrating on research and development of 'Moon-appropriate' materials, methods and processes, and marketable applications, the university will further the growth of both the export and the domestic economies. The health of the people will also be in its care. These missions will make the UOP the lead agency in advancing Settlers' ever more thorough acculturation to their adopted world."


From MMM #109 October 1997

Luna City Streets, p. 10

"The Role of the Settlement College /University

Any settlement institution of higher learning stands to play an enormous role in the development of the local culture and civilization and of the media and tools by which it is expressed. All this will be on display directly or indirectly on the streets. A university would assist on site companies in the development of new locally-sourced building materials, appropriate architectural systems and construction methods. Its research may contribute to the appearance of new finish and decorative materials as well as an expansion of the available color palette. All this will affect the basic appearance of the pressurized street cylinder and its decoration.

University assistance in cottage industry formation will help speed the diversification of products available in streetside markets and shops; development of musical instruments fashionable from local building materials will have its affects on the sounds of the street; development of new plant hybrids will enrich and diversify landscaping options; the list goes on and on."