The Purpose of the ULP Friends

Many Institutions in their search for broad-based auxiliary volunteer support and promotion have created "Friends of ___" organizations.

The ULP Friends would help organize promotional events, distribute promotional literature, provide tours for visiting groups, be on the alert for funding opportunities and potential new instructors, help locate donations-in-kind, and in general act as ambassadors of the University of Luna Project.


Bylaws and Organization of the ULP Friends

The ULP Friends will be chartered by the ULP as a separate legal entity to perform functions and services that contribute to the research and educational mission of the ULP, whose Board of directors have supervisory powers.

Bylaws and Rules for this organization, in compliance with its Charter, must be drawn up and approved by the initial members. The bylaws must be ratified by The University of Luna Project Board of Directors.

The ULP Friends will be separately incorporated as a nonprofit auxiliary of the ULP.


Will the ULP Friends have Chapters?

Individual "at large" members are welcome.

But for purposes of effective teamwork, we foresee the rise of local chapters. These chapters can be either community-based, or campus-based.

We expect that campus-based chapters will become the heart and soul of The Friends operation.


Who Can Join the ULP Friends?

Anyone who has an interest in helping the University of Luna Project get established, gro, and become a major force in humanity's return to the Moon and in the role in lunar settlements in an Earth-Moon Economy focused on mitigating Earth's energy generation and environmental degradation problems, are welcome and encouraged to join.


How do I join the ULP Friends? 

First contact us by email with your full contact information. You may also share with us any relevant and helpful information you may want us to have on file about yourself. You can be assured that our files are confidential and will not be shared with any other organization or business.

When we have a "critical mass" of interested persons, we will get back in touch with you.

What are the dues for the ULP Friends?

NOTE: We are not yet structured to take donations. The Nonprofit incorporation process is not yet complete.

You may choose to join with a one-time donation, or select a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription plan. Whether you can give a considerable amount or only a very small amount, your gift will be most appreciated.

Suggested one time donations: the amount is entirely up to you.

Suggested periodic donations: any amount from $10 and up, at the intervals of your choice. Yes, if your circumstance change, you are free to increase or decrease the size of your contribution as seems fitting.


Donations, Bequests, and Gifts in Kind

As the University of Luna Project operation grows, we will need things that if we were to pay for them, our growth would be impeded. Thus some "gifts in kind" would be of very great value to the University of Luna Project: From time to time, we will list specific in-kind donations that would be especially helpful.

Bequests of money, stocks and bonds, or property are also welcome. Because of the costs of processing physical donations we ask that only physical bequests of $50,000 of more for real estate and of $5,000 or more for vehicles be considered.


The Lunar Ambassador Program

This is a proposal to create something similar to JPL's "Solar System Ambassador" Program, a cadre of volunteers who are up-to-date on their knowledge of the Moon, past, present, and future, and who are available to give talks and presentations in their local communities. We will need the following:
  • a volunteer to coordinate the program
  • a training curriculum

We propose to go through JPL's SSA training program in the fall of 2007, to gain insights in how to organize and run our Lunar Ambassador Program as a project of the UP Friends.


-- Volunteers Needed --
  • ULP-Friends Organizing Team
    • Directors, Advisors, Bylaws, webmaster
    • Campus Chapters Coordinator
    • Fundraising team
    • Grant Proposal Writers
    • Project Managers


  • Director Lunar Ambassador Program
    • Community-based and regional Lunar Ambassadors


For additional questions about the Friends Organization, write
Updated 06/30/2007