Our Mission: The growth and development of an Earth/Moon economy involving genuine international civilian lunar settlements. The University of Luna Project would help develop the tools needed to meet these goals.

The ULP will foster the research and development of technologies needed in creating an Earth Moon Economy that uses lunar and space based resources to meet the critical energy and environmental problems of the Earth. It will help create the means of learning to live and profit in the harsh environment of cislunar space, thereby building the pathway to Mars and the opening of the solar system to human utilization.


Our Strategy: The ULP will be a catalyst for student involvement in this creative campaign seeking innovative ways of meeting technology challenges and encouraging student entrepreneurship

Where possible the ULP will encourage private and commercial approaches alongside the work of national space agencies.

Our method is to leverage the resources of existing educational institutions, government organizations, and commercial groups and facilitating web-based global access to information and means of participation.


University of Luna Project Mission Tools

A. Creating an online node of links
to past, ongoing, and proposed Moon-focused missions, and research, undertaken by various national space agencies, organizations, and educational and research institutions.

B. Offering mechanisms for communication, documentation, coordination and management

of research and project activities that engage widely dispersed working groups.

C. Serving as a catalyst for research & development of immature technologies

essential to an Earth/Moon economy involving resource-using civilian settlements

D. Providing mechanisms and forums to support international coordination of lunar missions

as advocated and proposed by the International Lunar Exploration Working Group as part of the newly declared International Lunar Decade

E. Creating stimuli for student interest,

learning and recruitment in the lunar community of interest by creating opportunities for global education, communication, participation, employment, conference participation, and student entrepreneurial initiatives in this realm.

F. Facilitating public outreach & education in lunar exploration,

research and economic development by linking and leveraging the resources and activities of existing educational, industrial and governmental organizations. 

Our Vision, Mission, and Strategies will Evolve as The Project Advances.

As we begin to establish permanent human presence on the Moon,
and as the Project phases into the University,
our Vision, Mission, and Strategy will look like this:

Vision: The development of genuine diversified mature lunar settlements in a robust and expanding Earth/Moon economic system.

Mission: The establishment of a true "Land Grant" style University on the Moon.

This might be created by an international Charter, as a multinational learning community in support of spacefaring humanity. This may grow out the need for an on location structure and mechanism for continuing research & development, as well as training lunar pioneers, as the human community on the Moon expands.

Such a University could begin when the settlement population is still quite small, the majority of the faculty living on Earth and working at various institutions of higher learning on Earth, all by telepresence.

Strategy: The University of Luna on the Moon will continue to help pioneers develop needed technologies and more fully acculturate them to life on the Moon.

The UL will educate citizens in cislunar space and on economic development in the context of an Earth-Moon Economy.

The UL will continue to develop needed but immature technologies to enable Lunans to use local resources more efficiently, develop more products for local consumption as well as for export, fostering the rise of new enterprises and cottage industries.

The University will continue to develop uniquely appropriate habitat architectures, modular biospheric systems. I

t will guide the development of off-Luna markets for both exports and needed imports, making the Moon an integral keystone in an emergent Solar System wide economy.

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For additional questions about our Vision, Mission, and Strategy, write kokhMMM@aol.com
Updated 04/14/2007