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General Information

Lunar Materials Utilization

Lunar Cement & Concrete - the most developed option

lunar concrete research

pdf 1

pdf 2

pdf 3



abstract 2


paper 2

concrete lunar base design pdf

AAC - Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

Cast Basalt - there is a thriving cast basalt industry on Earth

Cast basalt decorative tiles

Cast-basalt abrasion resistant pipe for materials handling

pdf file 1

pdf file 2

Lunar Ceramics - to be reinvented from scratch

Glass Fibers - some research done

Raw Fused Glass

Optical Quality Glass

Glass fiber-G Matrix Composites - some research done

Original Research by Goldsworthy-Alcoa for Space Studies Institute

spin-up business plan article

Other Options

fiberglass sulfur composites




General Information on Lunar Metals

Availability of Alloy Ingredients

Iron & Steel

low-carbon steels


low-copper, low-zinc aluminum alloys



Platinum Group Metals

suspected but not cofirmed

Other Metals

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