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Student Involvement is the very core of the University of Luna Project. The students we engage and inspire will be the leaders of the Space Movement in decades to come.

The following research tools are aimed at engaging students:

Continuing to build up the Moon-focused open source online encyclopedia

Data Mining Projects

Examining data from past missions for new knowledge, sometimes with the aid of improved software that has the effect of improving the resolution

Examples: using altimetry data to identify contiguous areas of easy, and progressively more difficult traverse with the goal of identifying logical transportation corridors on the lunar globe

Overlaying data from different instruments to find clues not present in the data of either alone

Masters & Doctoral Theses

On research issues not previously adequately addressed

Examples: robot team mapping of subsurface lavatubes; dust-repellent materials for spacesuits, boots

Engineering Competitions

Field testing new mechanisms and equipment for performance

Examples: new mobile suspension systems, new motors and engines that run on fuels that can be locally produced; finding the most efficient and trouble free teleoperable shielding emplacement systems

Design Competitions

Designing modular architecture languages, modular biospherics systems. There are an endless number of things needing design

Example: turtleback spacesuits (the back shell secures to a conferral airlock as the wearer backs up, the shell opens into the pressurized interior, and the wearer reaches up inside and above the airlock to grab a rail and pull him/herself inside the habitat. The lock closes and the empty suit is removed automatically to an external closet.)

Lunar Analog Research Station Activities

At the Mars Desert Research Station, for example, a high percentage of crew members volunteering for 2-week tours, are students

Students can also participate in Analog Station programs as remote capcoms, and teleoperators of equipment, freeing crew members on location for duties that cannot be handled by telepresence.

The ULP Friends

It is expected that this auxiliary organization will be powered by campus-based chapters

On your shoulders, others will stand

accomplishments by students and student teams will define the challenges for students and student teams to follow.

A ULP newsletter dedicated to publishing reports of student and student team accomplishments

And someday, when a real University of Luna opens its doors to Lunar pioneers, some graduates of ULP programs may be among the first faculty members, perhaps most teaching by telepresence, but some on location, on the Moon!

Another goal of the University Project is creation of research-focused curricula

for teaching space topics in a way that lets students contribute new discoveries and concepts.

Of course, to make all this work, we must also recruit faculty members

at as many institutions as possible, willing to collaborate.

As you can see from the Departments page, quite a few disciplines will be involved.

No matter what your major and field, the chances are that you can play a role in the University of Luna Project.

To insure that all students who want to participate, can do so,

We will try to recruit faculty persons in all fields willing to instruct or guide by email and/or Internet

For questions about student involvement, write
Updated 04/15/2007