Moon Society White Papers

Moon Society White Papers

updated January 17, 2009 

2004.03.15 - The Moon: Why and How we Should Return

2004.03.15 - The Hubble Space Telescope and the Future of Space-Based Astronomy in Light of a Return to the Moon

2007.12.23 - Starting a Dialog Between the Environmental and Space Communities (pdf)

2008.03.28 - Promoting a vision of a network of Solar Power Satellites largely built from Lunar Materials

2009.01.09 - A Third Generation American Space Program: Space Policy 3.0

by David A. Dunlop This paper has been submitted as input to the Obama-Biden Transition Team on Space.

The Moon Society Management Council, mindful that different members have different ideas about how the nation's space program could be better run and better targeted, has not as yet officially endorsed this paper, but strongly urged Dunlop to submit it on his own behalf.

Dunlop's paper is extremely comprehensive and commands enormous respect. We urge our members to look at Dave's idea of how US Space programs and initiatives could be reorganized to better lead to the open civilian frontier and Earth-Moon Economy to which the Society pledges its efforts. Dave's recommendations are nothing short of revolutionary, no time given to evolve.


Papers Under consideration:

Astronomy from the Moon
The Moon and Earth's Environment
Space Tourism and the Moon
The Moon and Mars and Why we must do Both
Lunar Outpost Location Considerations
The Nightspan Power Challenge
Property Rights on the Moon
Human-Robotic Synergies in Lunar Exploration and and Development


If you would like to help develop any of the proposed white paper topics listed above, or have ideas for additional topics, please email the Moon Society President.