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Moon Society - Space-News     

03 Oct 15  

 Best Space Photos of the Week – Oct. 3, 2015 SPACE.com
From the discovery of water on Mars to stunning reader images of the Supermoon eclipse, don't miss these amazing space images.
 NASA Satellite Spies Hurricane Joaquin Replacing an Eye SPACE.com
Hurricane Joaquin, a Category 4 storm that is currently battering the central Bahamas, appears to be replacing its eye, according to weather forecasters.
02 Oct 15  

 Dazzling Rocket Launch Marks 100th Liftoff for United Launch Alliance SPACE.com
United Launch Alliance, a joint venture of aerospace giants Boeing and Lockheed Martin, now has a 100 percent success rate on 100 rocket launches since its formation in 2006.
 The Real Mars Lander in 'The Martian': Fact Checking the Film's NASA Probe SPACE.com
A NASA spacecraft makes more than just a cameo appearance in "The Martian," Ridley Scott's new movie about an astronaut alone and stranded on Mars. Mission leaders help fact check the movie's replica of the historic Mars lander.
 Ariane 5 Rocket Delivers 2 Communications Satellites Into Orbit SPACE.com
The satellites — the first of two Sky Muster Ka-band broadband satellites for Australia’s NBN Co. and the Arsat-2 Ku- and C-band telecommunications satellite for Arsat of Argentina — were both reported by their owners to be healthy in orbit and sending si
 Calla And Sarah's Excellent Space Beer Adventure | Video SPACE.com
Space.com writers Calla Cofield and Sarah Lewin investigate an imperial stout made with yeast flown in space, and preview a few other cosmic-themed brews. Note: Space.com employees do not drink on the job, unless it’s for the job.
 Oxygen on Exoplanets May Not Mean Alien Life SPACE.com
A planet with liquid water on the surface and titanium oxide deposited by meteors could produce oxygen in the atmosphere without the need for life.
 Ring in Oktoberfest with These Space Beers SPACE.com
In honor of Oktoberfest, we taste-tested beer made from moon dust and space yeast. Plus, we made suggestions for space-themed beers.
 'The Martian' and Reality: How NASA Will Get Astronauts to Mars SPACE.com
NASA has been helping promote the new film "The Martian," which hits theaters across the United States today (Oct. 1), as a way to publicize its own plans to send astronauts to the Red Planet in the 2030s.
 Does 'The Martian' Movie Do the Book Justice? Yes. Yes, It Does SPACE.com
Movies adapted from successful books don't always capture the magic of the original text but the upcoming film does a surprisingly good job conjuring the book's spirit.
01 Oct 15  

 Russian Cargo Ship Arrives at Space Station SPACE.com
Russia's uncrewed Progress 61 freighter docked with the space station at 6:52 p.m. EDT today (Oct. 1), 6 hours after blasting off. The cargo vessel is stocked with more than 3 tons of food and supplies for the astronauts aboard the orbiting lab.
 Satellites Watch Hurricane Joaquin Grow Into Category 4 Storm (Video, Images) SPACE.com
As Hurricane Joaquin barrels across the Atlantic Ocean, NASA satellites are tracking the storm to determine how it will affect residents along the East Coast of the United States.
 NASA JPL's Top Ten Skywatching Targets For October 2015 | Video SPACE.com
From the Moon, to Auroras, to the Zodiacal Light and more, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory counts down their favorites for October in their 100th 'What's Up' episode.
 Hurricane Joaquin Seen From Space | Time-Lapse Video SPACE.com
The storm, which was upgraded to Category 4 on Oct. 1st, 2015, was captured by the NOAA Goes-East satellite. Images from September 29th to October 1st have been compiled and looped.
 Fly Through Pluto Moon Charon's Giant Canyon in Spectacular New Video SPACE.com
The new photos were captured by NASA's New Horizons spacecraft during its historic flyby of Pluto on July 14. Mission team members combined some of the images into a new video that lets viewers fly over Charon's tortured surface.
 NASA Sets Coverage Schedule for CubeSat Launch Events NASA Breaking News
Thirteen NASA and National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)-sponsored CubeSats are scheduled to launch aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket Thursday, Oct. 8, from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Prelaunch media briefings and launch commentary coverage will be carried live on NASA Television and the agency's website.
 Did Pluto’s Moon Charon Get Smacked Upside Its Head? | Video SPACE.com
New Horizon’s fresh hi-res multispectral images of the smaller body of this double dwarf planet reveal a tortured world of craters and crunched terrain.
 Andromeda Galaxy Chases Its Lunch In October 2015 Skywatching | Video SPACE.com
Andromeda (M31) is the nearest spiral galaxy to the Milky Way and the farthest object that can bee seen with the naked eye. With binoculars or a telescope, you can spot M32, a small companion galaxy that Andromeda will one day consume.
 Private Moon Landing Set for 2017 SPACE.com
California-based company Moon Express, which aims to fly commercial missions to the moon and help unlock its resources, has signed a five-launch deal with Rocket Lab, with the first two robotic liftoffs scheduled to take place in 2017.
 Russia Launches Progress Cargo Ship on Fast Trip to Space Station SPACE.com
Russia launched an unmanned cargo ship Thursday (Oct. 1) on a speedy trip to deliver tons of fresh supplies to a waiting crew on the International Space Station.