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Moon Society - Space-News     

25 Oct 14  

 'Ring of Fire' Solar Eclipse Captured By Spacecraft | Video SPACE.com
On the same day that parts of the Earth witnessed a partial solar eclipse (Oct. 24, 2014), the Hinode X-ray Telescope (XRT) had its Sun sights blocked by a passing moon. This type of eclipse is also known as an annular eclipse. (looped)
 Massive Sunspot Blasts X3-Class Flare | Video SPACE.com
AR2192 has been a busy sunspot with a third X-flare on October 24th, 2014. According to Spaceweather.com, it also has "produced 27 C-lass flares and 9 M-Class flares." Full Story: http://goo.gl/OxK531
 'Interstellar' Science: The Movie's Black Hole Explained (Video) SPACE.com
Theoretical physicist Kip Thorne, an "Interstellar" executive producer, worked closely with the movie's visual-effects crew to come up with an unprecedentedly realistic portrait of "Gargantua," the monstrous black hole at the movie's core.
 Huge Solar Flare Erupts from Biggest Sunspot in 24 Years (Photos) SPACE.com
The sun unleashed a major solar flare from a colossal sunspot on Friday (Oct. 24), the fourth big flare from the star in less than a week. The sunspot is the largest active region on the sun in the last 24 years, NASA scientists say.
24 Oct 14  

 Skydiver Goes Supersonic in Record-Breaking 'Near-Space Dive' SPACE.com
In a harrowing plunge from the stratosphere, a Google executive broke the world record for the highest-altitude skydive today (Oct. 24).
 Record-Breaking Supersonic Skydive from 'Near-Space' in Photos SPACE.com
On Oct. 24, 2014, skydiver Alan Eustace set a new record for the highest near-space jump from the stratosphere as part of a feat performed with the Stratospheric Explorer (StratEx) team and the Paragon Space Development Corporation. See photos and video.
 'Ambition': Rosetta Inspired Sci-Fi Short - Behind The Scenes Video SPACE.com
Take a look at how the stunning comet mission inspired and futuristic world-building film got off the ground. The Game of Thrones' Aiden Gillen stars in the short film.
 Record-Breaking Near-Space Dive Leaps from 135,000 Feet | Video SPACE.com
Alan Eustace dove from a high-altitude balloon soaring at approximately 135,000 feet. Felix Baumgartner held the record at 128,000 feet.
 Private Astronaut Training Company Picks Spacesuits for Spacewalk Simulator SPACE.com
A private spacesuit company and an astronaut-training organization are teaming up to give private astronauts on simulated spacewalks a more spacelike experience.
 Stunning Rosetta Probe Inspired Sci-Fi Short - Starring GoT's Aiden Gillen | Video SPACE.com
The Game of Thrones actor stars in "Ambition": a futuristic 'look back' at the science the first mission to 'catch a comet' provided, giving birth to human world-building.
 Hands-On: OBERWERK MARINER 8x40 Binoculars for Sky-Watching SPACE.com
Massing 37oz, with a wide 8.4° field of view and 5mm of exit pupil, these are excellent ‘grab and go’ binoculars for anything outdoors. Space.com’s @DavidSkyBrody shows you the good and not-so-good features.
 NASA Media Accreditation Opens for Launch of Next SpaceX Station Resupply Mission NASA Breaking News
Media accreditation is open for the launch of NASA's next commercial cargo resupply flight to the International Space Station.
 NASA Hosts First Agency-wide Social Media Event for Orion’s First Flight Test NASA Breaking News
NASA invites social media followers to apply for credentials to get a preview of the Orion spacecraft’s first flight test during NASA Social events Dec. 3 at each of its 10 centers.
 NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly Shares Bullying Prevention Message Ahead of His One-Year Mission NASA Breaking News
NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, who is scheduled to fly on a one-year spaceflight mission in 2015, is lending his voice to help reduce childhood bullying. As part of Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, Kelly recorded a special message encouraging bystanders to take action.
 NASA Seeks Ultra-lightweight Materials to Help Enable Journey to Mars NASA Breaking News
NASA is seeking proposals to develop and manufacture ultra-lightweight materials for aerospace vehicles and structures of the future. Proposals will demonstrate lower-mass alternatives to honeycomb or foam cores currently used in composite sandwich structures.
 Hands-On: CELESTRON COMETRON 7x50 Binoculars for Sky-Watching SPACE.com
Massing 27oz, with a 6.8° field of view and 7.1mm of exit pupil, these binoculars are great for young astronomers. Space.com’s @DavidSkyBrody shows you the good and not-so-good features.
 Hands-On: CELESTRON SKYMASTER 8x56 Binoculars for Sky-Watching SPACE.com
Massing 35oz, with a 5.8° field of view and 7mm of exit pupil, these binoculars are fine for astronomy but can be used in daytime for other hobbies and sports. Space.com’s @DavidSkyBrody shows you the good and not-so-good features.
 How to Choose Binoculars for Astronomy and Skywatching SPACE.com
A good pair of binoculars can help stargazers get the most out of the night sky. Find out which type of binoculars you need in our Buyer's Guide.
 Oberwerk Mariner 8x40 Binoculars Review: 2014 Edition SPACE.com
The Oberwerk Mariner 8x40 is our Editors' Choice for best small binoculars for astronomy. Read our full review and find more top picks here.
 Celestron SkyMaster 8x56 Binoculars Review: 2014 Edition SPACE.com
Celestron’s Skymaster 8x56 is our Editors’ Choice for best medium-sized binoculars for astronomy. Read our full review and find more top picks here.