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Moon Society - Space-News     

22 Nov 14  

 My Other Office is on Mars SPACE.com
I know what you’re thinking: this is not a normal day-in-the-life of a mineralogy graduate student. And you’re right about that! I never dreamed that my love of rocks, crystals, and the atomic scale would lead me to be part of a NASA mission.
21 Nov 14  

 Europa May Harbor Simple Life Forms | Video SPACE.com
 Life in an 8-Month Mars Sim: A Q+A With the Hi-SEAS Team SPACE.com
From a dome in Hawai'i, six astronaut hopefuls are running an 8-month experiment into what life would be like on Mars.
 Life on Mars, in Hawai'i (Gallery) SPACE.com
When at Mars, bring a 3D printer.
 Gemini Spacecraft Lands at Auction, Escapes Parking Ticket SPACE.com
A metal mockup of a Gemini space capsule used by NASA for ground tests sold at auction for more than $50,000 — parking fees not included. The 9.5-foot-tall (3-meter) spacecraft narrowly avoided a parking ticket on its way to the sale.
 Stunning Night Sky Photos by Stargazers for October 2014 SPACE.com
See stunning photos of the night sky and sun as seen by stargazers around the world in this Space.com photo gallery for October 2014 made up of images sent in by Space.com readers.
 Cassini Spacecraft Sees Swirling Clouds on Saturn (Photo) SPACE.com
A stunning new picture of Saturn's clouds shows swirls of mixing material, like cream whirling through coffee.
 Space Station-Bound Astronaut Eager to Fly NASA's Orion to the Moon SPACE.com
A NASA astronaut about to fly to the International Space Station on a Russian spaceship hopes his next space mission will start in a seat aboard a commercial spacecraft.
 Disney's 'Frozen' Snowman to 'Let It Go' as Cosmonaut's Zero-G Doll SPACE.com
Do you want to launch a snowman? That is perhaps the question and paraphrased song line that Anton Shkaplerov's daughter may have asked her cosmonaut father about the Disney 'Frozen' Olaf doll she suggested he fly to the space station.
 Space Gifts for Kids: Fun and Educational Ideas for the Holidays SPACE.com
Find the perfect holiday gift or stocking stuffer with this collection of fun and educational gift ideas that both kids and parents will love.
 Sun to Outshine Spectacular Cosmic Alignment Saturday SPACE.com
The morning sky will play host to a spectacular gathering of solar system objects grouped closely together tomorrow (Nov. 22), but it won't be easy for observers on Earth to see it.
 Space Gift Ideas: Out-of-This World Gifts for Him or Her SPACE.com
Here’s a collection of space gifts for the stargazer in your life, whether he or she is an amateur astronomer or full-blown space nerd (like us).
 NASA Announces New Opportunities for Public Participation in Asteroid Grand Challenge NASA Breaking News
Ten new projects are providing opportunities for the public to participate in NASA's Asteroid Grand Challenge, which accelerates the agency's asteroid initiative work through innovative partnerships and collaborations.
 10 Years of the Universe's Most Powerful Explosions | Video SPACE.com
NASA's Swift Gamma-ray Burst Explorer has delivered "game-changing" astrophysics data since its launch in November 2004. Mission leaders and scientists describe a few of its discoveries.
 NASA Extends Private Space Taxi Agreement with Blue Origin SPACE.com
NASA announced Nov. 14 that it has extended its unfunded agreement with Blue Origin to support that company’s effort to develop a commercial crew spacecraft.
 How to get to the ISS ESA Human Spaceflight and Exploration

How will ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti and crewmates travel to the International Space Station on Sunday? The Soyuz spacecraft rendezvous and docking explained
 Watch Futura launch ESA Human Spaceflight and Exploration

ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti is heading to the International Space Station for five months on Sunday. Watch the launch live from 20:00 GMT/21:00 CET
 Binary Earth-Size Planets Possible Around Distant Stars SPACE.com
Binary Earth-size planets that orbit each other might exist around distant stars, researchers say. Simulations suggest such worlds can begin circling each other after slow, grazing collisions.
 Philae Lander, Like Philae Obelisk, Is a Window to the Past SPACE.com
The Philae lander is named for the Philae obelisk, as both are uncovering answers to ancient secrets.
 Samantha set for Space Station ESA Human Spaceflight and Exploration