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Moon Society - Space-News     

02 Aug 15  

 Best Space Stories of the Week — August 2, 2015 SPACE.com
An alien aurora 1 million times brighter than Earth's, robots building a moon telescope, a $5.5 billion asteroid and more in Space.com's top news stories of the week.
 Astronauts Test Virtual-Reality Headset for Space On Ocean Floor SPACE.com
It's a tech geek's dream in the underwater lab hosting four "aquanauts" for 14 days this month. Among the crew's need-to-have items is a cutting-edge Microsoft virtual-reality headset that one day will go to space itself.
01 Aug 15  

 Best Space Photos of the Week – August 1, 2015 SPACE.com
From an amazing view of Africa from space to a tint galaxy bursting with stars, don't miss these stunning space images.
 Blue Moon of 2015 Thrills Skywatchers with Lunar Beauty (Photos) SPACE.com
The second full moon of July brought a stunning Blue Moon to skywatchers around the world on July 31, wowing them with a spectacular lunar sight. See their photos and reactions here.
 Blue Moon Photos of 2015: Amazing Full Moon Views by Stargazers SPACE.com
The second full moon of July 2015, a so-called Blue Moon, wowed stargazers around the world on July 31, 2015. See their amazing photos in our gallery here.
31 Jul 15  

 Is Our Universe a Fake? SPACE.com
Could we actually be living in the Matrix? You might be surprised.
 16-Year-Old's DNA Experiment Will Fly in Space SPACE.com
A 16-year-old New York City-area student will one day see her DNA experiment launched to the International Space Station. The experiment was designed by Anna-Sophia Boguraev of Bedford, New York.
 Best Night Sky Events of August 2015 (Stargazing Maps) SPACE.com
See what's up in the night sky for August 2015, including stargazing events and the moon's phases, in this Space.com gallery courtesy of Starry Night Software.
 'Peanut-Shaped' Space Rock Flies By Earth - Radar Observations Video SPACE.com
Asteroid 1999 JD6's nearest approach to Earth was ~4.5 millions miles away but it was close enough for radar images to be captured. The object is a "contact binary consisting of two lobes," according to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
 Volcanoes Dot Snowy Russian Landscape in New Photo from Space SPACE.com
The ashy peak of a volcano stands out amid a snowy scene, hinting at a recent eruption, in newly released images from NASA.
 New NASA Launch Pad for Small Rockets Is Open for Business SPACE.com
NASA has a new launch pad for small rockets, and it's open for business to companies hoping to send light satellites into the final frontier.
 Cheers! 'Blue Moon' Beer Celebrates Lunar Sight for 20th Anniversary SPACE.com
In a coincidence of cosmic proportions, the second full moon of July rises tonight, making it a so-called "Blue Moon" — and Blue Moon Brewing Co. will celebrate its 20th anniversary by painting the town red.
 Closest Rocky Exoplanet - How To Find Its Star | Skywatching Video SPACE.com
Planet HD 219134b was detected using NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope. It resides 21 light-years away in the Cassiopeia constellation and its star is visible from Earth. The planet orbits too close to its star to support life.
 Russia Formally Commits to International Space Station Through 2024 SPACE.com
Russia has formally notified its International Space Station partners that it will continue in the partnership at least to 2024, ending several months of doubts that were fueled by the current poor state of Russia’s relations with the West.
 XCOR to Raise Ticket Prices for Suborbital Space Plane Flights SPACE.com
XCOR Aerospace, a company developing a two-seat suborbital spaceplane for tourism and research applications, plans to raise its ticket prices by 50 percent next year, the company announced July 16.
 Cassini Spacecraft to Make Final Flybys of 2 Icy Saturn Moons SPACE.com
For the next six months, NASA's Saturn-orbiting Cassini spacecraft will get its final look at two icy moons -- one famous and one not so well-known -- before preparing for mission's end in 2017.
 Telescope Tag Team Brings Uranus-Size Alien Planet into Focus SPACE.com
NASA's Hubble Space Telescope and the Keck Observatory in Hawaii have helped researchers characterize a Uranus-mass exoplanet that had remained mysterious since its discovery a decade ago.
 Blue Moon Full Moon Rises Tonight: What to Expect SPACE.com
There's a "Blue Moon" in the sky today, but it won't look different than other full moons. The term blue moon has come to refer to the second full moon in a given month.
 SETI Targets Kepler-452b, Earth's 'Cousin,' in Search for Alien Life SPACE.com
Scientists with the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute have already begun targeting Earth's older cousin, Kepler 452b, the first near-Earth sized world found in the habitable zone of a sun-like star.
 Epic Yearlong Space Mission Documented in Time Magazine Web Series SPACE.com
Time magazine's "Year in Space" documentary offers an inside look into the 12-month stint Scott Kelly is spending aboard the International Space Station and also delves into his life as an astronaut.