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Moon Society - Space-News     

30 Jul 14  

 New Rosetta Images Show Bright Neck of Probe's Target Comet SPACE.com
Images taken by a European probe en route to link up with a comet, have revealed a striking feature of the target comet coming into view.
 Going Out with a (Big) Bang: Final ATV Cargo Ship Space Station-Bound SPACE.com
Europe's line of space freighters is going out with a (big) bang. Named “Georges Lemaître” after the Belgian priest and astronomer who proposed what became the Big Bang theory, the European Space Agency's fifth and final Automated Transfer Vehicle has lau
 Ancient Earth: Pummeled, Cracked and Oozing Magma | Scientific Visualization SPACE.com
Earth and Moon in the Hadean epoch were pummeled by large impacts letting magma flow out. But, at the same time, some parts of Earth’s surface could have retained liquid water, allowing pre-biotic compounds to form; perhaps even life itself.
 Weird Orbits of Alien Planets May Be Due to Twin Stars SPACE.com
Some of the oddly skewed orbits of many alien worlds may be due to the twin stars they are often found circling, a new study suggests.
 Early Earth: A Battered, Hellish World with Water Oases for Life SPACE.com
Cosmic bombardment of the early Earth repeatedly covered the planet's surface with molten rock during its earliest days, but still may have left oases of water that could have supported the evolution of life, scientists say.
 Double Star Is Forming Planets At Funky Angles | Video SPACE.com
The binary system HK Tauri's ‘wildly misaligned’ discs of dust and gas may help explain why some exoplanets have eccentric orbits around their Suns. The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) imaged the system. More: http://goo.gl/XMR3Hz
 How the Moon Got Its Lemon Shape SPACE.com
Tidal forces exerted during the solar system's youth can explain most of the moon's large-scale topography, including its slight lemon shape, reports the study, which was published online today (July 30) in the journal Nature.
 NASA Holds Space Tech Mission Directorate Update Media Call Aug. 5 NASA Breaking News
NASA will host a media teleconference at 2 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, Aug. 5, to discuss the activities of the agency's Space Technology Mission Directorate and how technology drives exploration.
 NASA Selects Instruments to Track Climate Impact on Vegetation NASA Breaking News
NASA has selected proposals for two new instruments that will observe changes in global vegetation from the International Space Station. The sensors will give scientists new ways to see how forests and ecosystems are affected by changes in climate or land use change.
 NASA to Announce Mars 2020 Rover Instruments NASA Breaking News
NASA will announce on Thursday, July 31, the instruments that will be carried aboard the agency’s Mars 2020 mission, a roving laboratory based on the highly successful Curiosity rover. The announcement will air live at noon EDT on NASA Television and on the agency’s website.
 Vintage NASA Spacecraft to Tackle Interplanetary Science SPACE.com
A private team is priming a 36-year-old NASA spacecraft to perform new science as it travels through interplanetary space after attempts to move the probe into a position closer to Earth failed.
 NASA Urged to Accelerate 3D Printing on Space Station SPACE.com
While praising NASA's efforts and focus on in-space manufacturing, the U.S. National Research Council report stressed that the agency should organize its various centers to identify priority projects for use on the station.
29 Jul 14  

 Replay ATV-5 liftoff ESA Human Spaceflight and Exploration

Watch the launch of ESA's last Automated Transfer Vehicle – now enroute to the International Space Station
 Huge European Cargo Ship Launches Its Last Delivery Flight to Space Station SPACE.com
The European Space Agency's fifth Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV-5) blasted off from French Guiana Tuesday evening (July 29), kicking off the final mission for this line of unmanned spacecraft, which has been resupplying the station since 2008.
 How Europe's ATV Space Cargo Ship Works (Infographic) SPACE.com
The European Space Agency's ATV cargo vehicle delivers 8.3 tons of solid and liquid cargo to the International Space Station. See how the unmanned spacecraft work in this Space.com infographic.
 Final ATV Cargo Spacecraft Launched To Space Station | Video SPACE.com
The fifth Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV-5), named "Georges Lemaître", was launched from Kourou, French Guiana on July 29th, 2014 aboard an Ariane 5 rocket. It is the heaviest spacecraft ever launched by ESA. Full Story: http://goo.gl/vdgLGx
 Last ATV liftoff ESA Human Spaceflight and Exploration

Liftoff of an Ariane 5 launcher from Europe's Spaceport in French Guiana with ESA's last Automated Transfer Vehicle to the International Space Station
 Photographer's 1st Milky Way View an Unforgettable Sight (Photo) SPACE.com
A newcomer to astrophotography produced a stunning shot of the Milky Way during his first effort. See how photographer Stephen Ippolito captured this amazing view from Joshua Tree National Park in California.
 Lagoon Nebula Glows in Amazing Night Sky Photo SPACE.com
A cosmic lagoon glows within the clouds of the Milky Way in an incredible image.
 Urthecast to Add More Earth-Watching HD Cameras to Space Station SPACE.com
A company plans to place two new cameras on the outside of the International Space Station in a bid to provide more live views of Earth from space.