2020 Annual Report

President’s Report to Our Members on The State of The Societyfor our 10th Annual Membership MeetingSeptember 16, 2020 Michael MeallingPresident, The Moon Societypresident@moonsociety.org The state of the Moon Society is good! We have made some incredibly significant accomplishments over the past year, including the reboot of the Lunar Development Conference, a 48% increase in membership, […]

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Announcing the 2020 Lunar Development Conference, a virtual event on July 19 & July 20

Organized by The Moon Society with assistance from other space advocacy groups. The Moon Society, a non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to returning humans to exploration of the Earth’s Moon and creating sustainable commercial settlements, announces the 2020 Lunar Development Conference: a new online virtual event to be held on Sunday, July 19th and Monday, July […]

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The Moon Society and Artemis Society International are now one organization

Artemis Society International

We are pleased to officially announce that The Moon Society, founded in 2000 and committed to the permanent settlement of Luna, and the Artemis Society International, founded in 1995 and with similar goals, are now one organization. The Artemis Society International, according to its Bylaws, was “organized exclusively for the purpose of establishing a private […]

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The Moon Society needs your help

The Moon Society

The Moon Society needs you help with our new website. The site is now operational but we need to check every Post (these have date stamps) to make sure they are displaying correctly and that all the links are working as they should be. Don’t worry about the Pages (static without a date) as they […]

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