The Moon Society needs your help

The Moon Society

The Moon Society needs you help with our new website. The site is now operational but we need to check every Post (these have date stamps) to make sure they are displaying correctly and that all the links are working as they should be. Don’t worry about the Pages (static without a date) as they […]

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Moon Society Annual Meeting 2019 Wrapup

The Moon Society held it’s 2019 Annual Meeting on August 14, 2019. The meeting was held online in the Society’s Slack workspace in the #auditorium channel at 7pm Central time. The Moon Society President, Michael Mealling, presented the “State of the Society” address. Keith Garrett. the Society’s Secretary, then presented the election and survey results. […]

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Call for Volunteers

Membership Membership Committee The Moon Society thrives on its active membership. The Membership Committee can assist with the development of new “schwag” items for promotion of the Society and for sale on our upcoming Lunar Traders store.   Chapters Chapters Coordinator Chapters are associations of persons in the same geographic area who have joined together to […]

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