Ben Smith Bio

Ben Smith

LDC 2023 Topic: Lunar Frontier-Enabling Tech


The technology requirements for Lunar settlements are very different than the requirements for outposts and bases. Settlements require a high degree of self-sufficiency that is simply not designed into current space technology and techniques. This presentation will cover what Frontier-Enabling Tech is, why it’s different from current space tech, and how we can start creating Lunar settlement tech now.


Ben Smith is an Independent Lunar Settlement Scientist and Founder of Lunar Homestead. Lunar Homestead operates from the viewpoint that governments and corporations are not going to settle the Lunar frontier; groups of motivated individuals (with the right frontier-enabling tech) will. Ben is working on developing the technology and techniques these Homesteaders will need to thrive on the Lunar frontier.

Ben is also the host of the Settle the Solar System podcast, where every week he explains the science and tech needed for permanent settlement throughout the Solar system.

Lunar Homestead’s current primary project is Shielded Pressurized Oxygen Resource Extraction (SPORE). SPORE combines resource extraction with habitable space creation, while avoiding or minimizing the hazards of Lunar surface operations. Other projects include extracting oxygen and iron from Lunar basalt and using Lunar iron to create habitat pressure hulls.

You can learn more, and get involved, by going to the Lunar Homestead website (www.lunarhomestead.com).

Ben is also Treasurer of the Moon Society and Co-Host of LDC 2023. He is actively involved in most Moon Society activities.