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Brian Dunn

LDC 2023 Topic: Lunar Long-Term Goals: Sub-surface Moon Base


As humankind returns to the Moon in the next few years there is one factor that is key to a sustainable presence – a large, safe habitat for humans to live and work.  Surface habitats will be relatively small and expensive. They can be serviceable as outposts in the early stages, but not for long term habitation with room to support food production, science labs, manufacturing, or tourism. Fortunately, some of the largest natural underground structures in the solar system are just beneath the lunar surface – lava tubes.

So, how would one go about building a Moon base in a lava tube? I’ve researched and thought about this a lot and have even written a hard sci-fi novel about people living in a lunar lava tube. The book is called Tube Town – Frontier. I’m not going to talk about the book but rather about the mechanics of how one could go about building – or more precisely, converting, a lava tube to a Moon base. We’ll talk about the value, where and how to find them, design possibilities, issues and challenges.


Brian P Dunn has a degree in History and in Law. He has had a long professional career in Law, Insurance, and Software Development. He has always had a love for Sci-fi classics and human spaceflight and never thought it would take almost a generation to get back to the Moon. Brian is the author of the hard science fiction novel Tube Town – Frontier about life in a lava tube under the surface of the Moon.