Dr. Aled Roberts Bio

Aled Roberts

LDC 2023 Topic: Regolith biocomposites for off-world construction


Future Lunar habitats will need thick walls and ceilings to protect inhabitants from cosmic rays, solar winds and meteor strikes. Since it’s not economically feasible to transport bulk construction materials such as concrete from the Earth to the Moon, such materials will need to be produced in situ. In this talk, the notion of regolith biocomposites as a solution to this problem will be presented and discussed.


Aled obtained a Master’s degree in Chemistry at the University of Liverpool before undertaking a PhD in Materials Engineering jointly between Liverpool and Singapore. He then undertook several post doctoral research positions at the University of Manchester where he specialised at the interphase between Materials Science and Synthetic Biology. Aled is now founder and CEO of the startup company DeakinBio, which aims to commercialise a sustainable bio-based alternative to ceramic tiles.