Dr. Niklas Jarvstrat Bio

Niklas Jarvstrat

LDC 2023 Topic: First Steps of a Lunar Settlement Analog


The layup and conceptual design of a moonbase analogue and validator are described, and tentative precursor projects are shown. The project will be arranged by processes in a “Mine” for excavation and mineral extraction, a “Factory” for production of tools, equipment and power, a “Greenhouse” for production of food and recycling of biological waste and cleaning of air and water, and finally a “Living Space” comprising private and communal areas for eating, relaxation, interaction and exercise. Because the available space is far from sufficient for a complete self-sufficient community, the focus is on demonstration and validation of key processes, part of an emerging complete process breakdown.


Dr Niklas Järvstråt has a background in material mechanics and metal fatigue for aerospace and other industries as well as youth publisher and is currently restarting a project to create a validator facility for self-sufficiency in a lunar resource constraint setting.