Ulf E Andersson Bio

Ulf E Andersson

LDC 2023 Presentation Topic: Sustainability, new technologies and smart systems thinking on the Moon – and on Earth


What types of technologies and smart system solutions do we need to have a permanent human presence on the moon? The answer is very similar to the tech and systems we need to have for creating sustainable cities on Earth. Therefore, those who work for the environment and sustainability on this planet can learn a lot from those who work for crewed bases and settlements outside the Earth. And probably even more the other way around!


Ulf E Andersson is Vice President of the national NGO Swedish Space Society (Swedish: Svenska Rymdsällskapet) – working to promote the space sector and human presence in space. The Space Society is encouraging everyone – individuals from all walks of life interested in our future in space, academics and space tech professionals – to join us. Then our positive future on Earth and in space get a better voice. We arrange seminars, technical visits, publish a newsletter, publish opinion materials in other media and have a very active presence on social media. We arrange what we call “space pubs” in pubs and restaurants, so people can meet IRL in informal forms, talk about space and other things and get some food and drinks. In 2022 we have been working 10 years advocating for a robust space economy.  More info on http://www.svenskarymdsallskapet.org/.

He is also CEO of the consultancy Swedish Future Scanning (Swedish: Svensk Framtidsbevakning) – focusing on urban food production, waste water recycling and urban greenery. This firm is working with the scanning of the world for good technological and biological tools, infrastructure and systems in these areas, compiling reports showcasing state of the art examples of good solutions currently existing world-wide.  We are helping researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs finding funding for early-stage development of innovations. We are also working as moderators. workshop organizers or educators, for companies, NGOs and City administrations. Our main customers to this date have been the City of Stockholm, Sweden, the Royal Institute of Technology and IVL the Swedish Environment Institute. Contact ulferikandersson@gmail.com

Ulf is a board member in the major research program Mistra TerraClean run by the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden with a large number of industrial and academic partners. This long-term research programme is promoting innovative technologies for water and air purification. The programme started in 2017, has established a research and development platform to bring forward “smart” material chemistry and application device innovations directed at remediation of problematic chemical exposures in society. More info https://www.mistra.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/arsrapport-2021-220323.pdf

He has worked as an innovation strategist for more than a decade at the Swedish national Environmental Protection Agency. In particular with facilitating the use of key enabling technologies such as IT, bio-, space- and nanotechnologies to develop better green tech and innovations for sustainability.

Earlier Ulf has worked in a number of government offices, national agencies and think tanks. He has two different academic degrees in both plant biology and other sciences (mathematics, statistics). He has been a space nerd all his life, seeing both the Soviet Sputnik 1 and the US Biosphere-2 as sources for inspiration.