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LDC 2023 Topic: Conceptual Layout of a Supervisory System for Moon Mine Production Monitoring and Data Analytics


The startup of mining operations on the Lunar surface will require continuous supervision to assure the extraction and transportation of icy regolith in sufficient quantities for the successful processing and production of water. Keeping the quality of the mining cycle for manned and autonomous equipment will require observation and analysis of the results during each production period to detect and execute adjustments. Much of this supervision will be done from a secure post, that could be either at the site, or from a remote location. While the detection and registration of events could be done using AI-based technologies, the display of real-time performance and data analytics must be designed for human operators, so critical changes and adjustments to productivity can be applied on time. Additional features such as tele-operation, portability to ruggedized tablets, Virtual Reality sub-systems and decision-making strategies are also considered. 

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