The Moon Society Lunar Art Prize

Do you dream about our future in space? The Moon Society is holding an art contest for the most inspired works of art relating to humanity’s future on the Moon. This is your opportunity to help us show the world what that future looks like!

The Moon is increasingly recognized as a destination not only of scientific, but also of economic interest. Art has long been recognized as a powerful way for people to envision possible futures, and The Moon Society is seeking to encourage broader awareness of how our future on the Moon might unfold through art.

The Moon Society will use submitted art in the preparation of publicity materials, including banners for use at outreach events, membership brochures, and other marketing opportunities both online and in print, as well as in the Moon Miners’ Manifesto. All entries will be featured in an online gallery at the Moon Society website, and artists will always receive credit when their work is used.

Interested parties should submit their original compositions to by midnight CDT June 30th, 2015. Submissions should be at a minimum 300 DPI, 1200 DPI preferred.

Prizes are as follows:

> 1st Place: $250
> 2nd Place: $125
> 3rd Place: $75

There will also be honorable mentions for additional outstanding works. Judging will be performed by Moon Society Officers and Directors whose decision is final. Digital submissions will become the property of the Moon Society; Artists will retain individual use rights for works created in other media and then digitized. Digital artists will also retain individual use rights for their works.

The list of winners will be announced by July 10th, and the first outreach banner will be unveiled at the Moon Day event in Dallas on July 18th.

The Moon Society was founded in 2000 as a not-for profit, education-focused organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Texas.