Candidate Statement for Michael Mealling - 2018-2019 Elections

Michael Mealling #579, President (Founding Moon Society Member, and Artemis Society International member since July 10, 1998)

I am running for reelection as President of the Moon Society in order to finish the update of the organization and begin its expansion. Over the past year and with significant help from the rest of the leadership team, we have 

  • upgraded our back office procedures
  • begun an evaluation and upgrade of our historical financial reporting
  • updated and transitioned our web infrastructure
  • begun the consolidation of The Lunar Resources Company and Artemis Society into the Moon Society, and 
  • improved the organizations reputation within the larger industry


We are poised to begin our expansion with the imminent upgrade of the look and feel of the organization. The next year will include

  • reinvigoration and expansion of our chapters
  • targeted giving campaigns for projects and outreach
  • Silver Seal status with which qualifies us for matched giving programs
  • Publication of several lunar science books we have rights to plus new material to be announced soon
  • Partnerships with sister organizations and ways for members to participate in industry projects


My overall goal of this year's work is to create the resources and relationships that will allow our members to actually participate in the opening of the Moon to development and settlement. Whatever your strengths, desires, or resources we want to provide you a way to be involved, not just watch from the sidelines. 


Michael Mealling