Our members hail from many nations and from all walks of life. People in general, not just specialists, will settle the Moon. It is fitting that people in general, not just space technology specialists, help prepare the way and lay the foundations for this great adventure. We seek to inspire and involve people in all aspects of Lunar settlement. And we need you.


We hold conferences to bring together the community around themes, such as Lunar Development.

Discussion groups

This is were we work on Moon Society activities and talk about Lunar (and space) settlement. We also just hang out and socialize here. You’re welcome to join the conversation.

Mare Crisium Online Chapter

Not everyone is fortunate to live near a Moon Society Chapter or Outpost. Some people have a hard time getting around. And most of us can’t get enough space settlement in our lives. That’s why the Society created the Mare Crisium Online Chapter.

Everyone is welcome to attend and participate in our Online Chapter meetings.


The Moon Society has individuals all over the country (and soon the world) that are looking to meet with other like-minded people to talk about space and work on projects. People like you! Just send our Chapter and Outpost leaders an email and see what happens.

No Moon Society members in your area? Start your own Outpost!

Let us know if you have ideas or suggestions on how we can improve our community. Even better, pitch in and help us make it happen!