Luna City Press

Luna City Press was founded in 2018 and builds upon the long history of publishing done by the Moon Society.

We plan to create new publishing works that tell the story of human beings living and thriving on the Moon, and how we can all help to make that a reality soon.

Lunar City Press

Published books

Pioneer’s Guide Series
A guidebook for pioneering and living on The Moon, Mars, and beyond. Written by Peter Kokh, the President Emeritus of the Moon Society and the author of the Moon Miner’s Manifesto and Outbound newsletters.

Books currently in production

  • Book 3: A Pioneer’s Guide to Living in the Solar System

Books to which the Moon Society has publication rights

  • Launchout by Phil Harris (details to follow)
  • Lunar Pioneers (fiction) by Phil Harris (details to follow)

Book reviews

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