Luna Directory

The primary focus of The Moon Society is the permanent settlement of Luna (aka The Moon). These are organizations, companies, and individuals working on making that happen. And you can help.

Primary Partners

  • Lunar Homestead ( – Researching the tech necessary for permanent Lunar settlement.

Other Lunar organizations (aka future partners)

  • Astrobotic ( – Sells space on their Lunar landers.
  • Draper ( – They are involved in NASA’s return to Luna.
  • Intuitive Machines ( – They’ve been picked by NASA to start landing equipment on Luna.
  • ISpace (
  • Lunar Resources (
  • Masten ( – Building Lunar landers.
  • Moon Express (
  • Off Planet Research ( – They’re making and selling Lunar regolith simulants.
  • Orbit Beyond ( – A Lunar transportation company working on landers.
  • PTScientists ( – Working on a Lunar ISRU mission!
  • Shackleton Energy ( – They’re working on using Lunar water to make rocket fuel. An idea I’ve very much against. Lunar water should be used for settlements exclusively. There just isn’t enough of it to waste.
  • Space Angels ( – Invest in space companies.
  • SpaceIL ( – The first private Lunar lander! Unfortunately it crashed. Their next mission may be to a different location.
  • Space Mining Technologies ( – Looks like a new company focusing on mining ice from the Lunar surface.
  • Moon Village Association ( – An international effort to figure out how to construct a Lunar settlement. I’ve joined but haven’t figured out how to get LH involved
  • Lunar Exploration Analysis Group ( – LEAG assists NASA in it’s Lunar exploration objectives. I joined because it’s free but I don’t know how involved LH will be with them.
  • 4th Planet Logistics ( – Working on using lava tubes on Luna and Mars to house habitats.
Government organizations

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) (


European Space Agency (

  • Lunar Exploration ( – Lots of great information!

Roscosmos (


China National Space Administration ( – Responsible for space policy. The link is for the English version of their website.

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation ( – Responsible for executing state policy. State-owned and main contractor for Chinese space operations.


Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (


Indian Space Research Organization (

Seems inactive
  • The American Lunar Society ( –
  • Moon Base Clavius ( – A site dedicated to debunking the Moon landing conspiracies.
  • Free Luna ( – An old blog on Lunar colonization.
  • Lunar Domes Atlas GLR group – ( – An inactive blog with some great pictures.
  • Lunar Mission One ( – Archived January 2019. It’s unclear what they are doing now.
  • The Luna Project (
  • Lunar Reclamation Society (
  • The Lunar Resource Company (bad link)
  • Lunar X-Prize ( – Great idea but the contest ended before any contestant could win. Now it’s looking for an new sponsor.
  • The Moon Blog ( – Seems inactive but worth a look.
  • Moon Zoo ( – Moon Zoo was a project to study the lunar surface in unprecedented detail, by asking volunteers to identify craters and boulders in millions of images from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO).
  • Open Luna ( – I guess they were going to create their own Lunar settlement.
  • Space Future ( – Another dead site.
  • Trans Lunar Research ( –
  • WayPaver Foundation (