2021 Lunar Development Conference

July 9 – 10, 2021

The 2021 Lunar Development Conference will bring together our community of lunar science and lunar settlement advocates to discuss all aspects of the Moon in an all-virtual setting using the latest technologies and methods. We will feature speakers from the realms of lunar science, space policy, advocacy, business, and academia who will present their research and ideas for the human future of Luna. All sessions will be streamed live and recorded on Youtube.

Our event will follow up on our successful 2020 Lunar Development Conference which brought together over three hundred attendees and over sixty speakers including CEOs, professors, business professionals, legal and policy experts, and a wide range of ideas and opinions. All sessions from the 2020 LDC are available for on-demand viewing on our YouTube channel.

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Submit an Abstract – Use this form to submit an abstract for a presentation, poster presentation, or research paper that you would like to present at the 2021 Lunar Development Conference. Abstract deadline is June 19, 2020.