No single organization, company, government, or individual can make Lunar settlement happen on their own. Not even the Moon Society. So our plan is to create a community of doers, supporters, and dreamers to help each other achieve our common goal.

The Moon Society is actively seeking areas of common interest with other organizations that may have a different focus besides the Moon. We are all in this together and “turf” battles won’t get us to permanent space settlements.

The Society has two primary goals when partnering with other organizations, companies, and individuals.

  1. Provide our members with unique volunteer and learning opportunities with our Partners.
    • Let us know if your organization needs volunteers or members!
  2. Assist our Partners with their mission by providing them with increased exposure, potential volunteers, and technical help.
    • Partners have the opportunity to present on a topic during our Mare Cognitum Virtual Chapter meeting. Please contact us if this interests you [ON HOLD until a new Chapter Leader is found].

These are informal partnerships. No contracts needed. We help you and you help us. Everyone wins and we all get a little closer to seeing real Lunar settlements.

Please contact us if you, or your organization, would like to partner with The Moon Society (

Luna Directory

The primary focus of The Moon Society is the permanent settlement of Luna (aka The Moon). These are organizations, companies, and individuals working on making that happen. And you can help.

Mars Directory

While Luna is our main focus, we don’t want to neglect Mars. The whole “Luna vs Mars” debate is divisive and doesn’t move us closer to off-Earth settlements. Much of the technology and techniques needed to live on Luna are also needed for Mars. And vice versa. Whether we want to see cities on Luna, Mars, asteroids, or Europa; we all need to work together to make it happen.

Space Directory

Some of our partners don’t fall neatly into either the Lunar or Martian categories. You’ll find them here in the Space category.