This page contains the official whitepapers of the Moon Society.


The Moon: Why and How we Should Return© 2004
(Position Paper adopted jointly by LRS and the Moon Society Board, 3/04/2004) (PDF)

The Hubble Space Telescope and the Future of Space-Based Astronomy in the Light of a Return to the Moon© 2004
(Position Paper adopted jointly by LRS and the Moon Society Board, 3/04/2004) (PDF)

2007.12.23 – Starting a Dialog Between the Environmental and Space Communities (PDF)

2008.03.28 – Promoting a vision of a network of Solar Power Satellites largely built from Lunar Materials

2009.01.09 – A Third Generation American Space Program: Space Policy 3.0 – by David A. Dunlop This paper has been submitted as input to the Obama-Biden Transition Team on Space. (PDF)


Here you will find links to papers published online, including submissions too long or too technical to be published in Moon Miners’ Manifesto, papers published by Moon Society “partner organizations” and “affiliates” and more.

Moon Society Joins new Thirteen Member Space Solar Alliance for Future Energy (SSAFE)

Expanding on the Society’s Vision Statement: Solar Power Satellites Built with Lunar Materials

Moon Society opposition to any Congressional ban on spending for “humans to Mars” programs

The Moon Society’s role in The Vision for Space Exploration (VSE)

Moon Society and Space Exploration Alliance Call for “The Moon, Mars, and Beyond”


Members interested in helping draft position papers should email us.

Papers under consideration include the following topics:

  • Observatories on the Moon
  • The Moon and Tourism
  • Lunar Property Rights
  • The Moon’s role in Planetary Defense
  • and more

Powering Civilization After Fossil Fuels by John Barber

Outreach about the Moon by Ken Murphy

Space Education Initiative by Jim Barnard

Interview of Peter Kokh by Clark Lindsey of HobbySpace on Moonbase exercise in Utah (external link)

Interview of Peter Kokh by Astrid Dahm for an article on the Moon in the German science magazine P.M.

LEAG 2007 Conference, Full Report by Larry J. Friesen

Space settlements, Property Rights, and International Law: Could a Lunar Settlement Claim the Lunar Real Estate it Needs to Survive? by Alan B. Wasser and Douglas Jobes

Introduciton to the forthcoming Science-Fiction novel “Lunar Pioneers” by Phi Harris

A National Park System on the Moon? – A proposal to the American Lunar Society by Peter Kokh

The Lunar Flashbulb aka Lunar Lavatube Locator

 “Spinning-up” Glass-Glass Composites Technology © 1987

MUS/cle Strategy for Lunar Industrial Diversification © 1988

Prinzton: a Rille-Bottom Settlement for Three Thousand Pioneers © 1989

The Lunar Hostel: An Alternate Concept for First Beachead and Secondary Outposts © 1991

This ’91 paper introduces several seminal concepts that have since found their way into mainstream NASA thinking

  • The “amphibious” “frog“, a lunar lander that can taxi
  • The telescoping module
  • The toroidal “hybrid rigid inflatable” “donut” concept now embodied in the design of Transhab

The “Frontier Builder”: an Earth-Moon Hotel Cruise Ship: Definition & Design Exercise © 1992

SSI Research Goals Proposal © 1993

Railroads on the Moon © 1993

The Prehistory of Lunar Prospector © 1995

The Use of Lunar Lavatubes © 1995

Reinventing Space Oases © 1996

Rehabilitating Venus as a Human Destination © 1992, 1998, 2000

Living “Off the Ice” on Europa © 1997, 1998, 2001

What do Lavatubes Look Like? © 1999

TransHab and the Prehistory of its Architecture. © 1999

Steps to Civilian Lunar Home Rule Authority © 1999

The MarsPulse” Calendar © 1999, 2004

Improving” the Moon and The Developer’s Role © 2000

Illustrated Discussion of Moon / Mars Habitat Options © 2002

Adopting a Lunar Calendar © 1987, 1996, 2001, 2005

The Oupost Trap: Technologies Needed to Break Free © 2006

Assuring Mental Health Among Future Lunar Frontier Pioneers © 2008

Beyond Our First Moonbase (pdf file) © 2006

Expansion of the System of Lunar Nomenclature© 1989

What a Lunar Analog Research Station Should Attempt to Demonstrate © 2006

Position Papers by Affiliates, worth study

Space Renaissance Initiative – Aldrin-Hsu paper [pdf format]



PowerPoint Presentations

The Moonbase Exercise in Utah Options for a Lunar Analog Research Station Human Migration Triway into Space

Moon Society Milwaukee (Lunar Reclamation Society) Research Reports

Lunar Agriculture Experiments – LUNAX

Lunar Painting Experiment – “Regolith Impressionism”