Lunar Homestead

Lunar Homestead

The Lunar (and solar) frontier will be initially settled by Homesteaders (individuals, family units, and small groups) using low-tech locally manufactured equipment. These Homesteads will form the nucleus for larger towns and cities. Lunar Homestead is researching the technology and techniques necessary for the permanent settlement of Luna and beyond. And you can be a part!

Lunar Homestead website – (www.lunarhomestead.com)


The core activity of Lunar Homestead is researching the tech. The ultimate goal is to have all the tech necessary for a Homestead “on the shelf” and packaged into working Kits. Because of this, and LH’s small size, there just aren’t many other activities for Crew Members.


The primary benefit of joining Lunar Homestead is that you can get personally involved in making space settlement happen. Most of the technology needed for Lunar, and space, settlement just doesn’t exist. Even simple Internet and literature research so we can consolidate data in one place is helpful. We need your help in making this happen.

  • Access to Crew Only Discord channels – Anyone can join in on the discussion but certain Crew levels have access to unique channels.
  • Help with your own research – Got a idea you think is worthy of exploring but don’t know how? No worries. Join the Crew and we’ll all work on it together.
  • Help others with their research – Don’t want to lead a project? No problem. How about helping LH or other Crew Members with their projects? Science is best when it’s a team effort.
  • Lots of other volunteer opportunities – You can find a place at LH even if research isn’t your thing. Artists, writers, people savvy with social media, and many others are all needed and welcome. If you have an interest we’ll find you work.

For full disclosure: The owner of Lunar Homestead, Ben Smith, is also a member of The Moon Society Board of Directors, is the Membership Coordinator, and is the lead for several Moon Society projects (including the Partners Program).