Candidate Statement for Philip Crume - 2018-2019 Elections

Philip Crume # 1623, Director & Current Chairman of the Board (member since May 11, 2011)

Space influences.  Philip was born in Virginia and grew up in Maryland.  He developed an interest in space when NASA promoted their "Junior Astronaut" program to DC Metro Area schools while he was in the 3rd grade.  He was further inspired about a future space civilization when "Star Trek: The Next Generation" aired when he was in the 6-12th grades.  He entered college wanting to go beyond simple exploration and work towards the development of a space civilization.  After taking a few engineering courses, he learned just how far we need to go to get to where we want to be, but more importantly that becoming an engineer wasn't enough to achieve his dreams.  Instead of giving up, he dug deeper and found new approaches to space development oriented towards investors that haven't been considered before, and he's been working on an dual-use business approach competitive to non-space investments.  He sees lunar economic development as the linchpin for the development of the whole Solar System. 

Education.  Instead of a college education oriented towards one field, he shaped an education oriented towards space development. The United States has yet to return to the Moon since the Apollo Program.  The reasons aren't technological but political and commercial.  The recent Space Acts have shown that even if we have businesses that return, they still need to overcome national and international political hurdles. Success in space requires a confluence of business, politics, and STEM. Philip holds a BA in Political Communication from Cleveland State University with additional coursework in those confluence areas.

Professional background.  Philip's professional background over the past 20 years is in financial services, banking, sales, marketing, information technology, and project management. He has started several businesses and knows how to talk to investors.  He gained invaluable political experience as an environmental activist.  He joined the Sierra Club in 2001 where he served in communications and IT.  He rose through the leadership ranks to serve as the Chairs of the Northeast Ohio Group (Cleveland-area w/ 5,000 members), the Ohio Chapter (entire state w/ 20,000 members), as the chapter representative before the national body (750,000 members), and as the Political Chair of the NEO Group.  While Ohio Chapter Chair, he grew the chapter membership nearly 40% in 3 years!   He managed endorsement campaigns, lobbied executives and legislators, been involved in election campaigns, and helped draft bills that have become new laws.  He has written grants and has been involved in fundraising campaigns.  He currently works in financial services and is interested in starting a new X-Prize team this year.

What I can do for the Moon Society.  Philip has served as a board member and chairman of the Moon Society for 5 years.  He went to a NASA Open House in Cleveland and there were 100,000 people in attendance in a weekend.  That's one region.  The appetite for space is there!  We can grow!  Philip has the skills to make it happen!  If we're on point with the idea whose time has come, we can reach 100,000 members very quickly.  We can capture the mindshare of the general public on space colonization and development, we can shape the aspirations of the next generation, and show the current one that the space gold rush has begun!

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