The International Lunar Research Park

A Moon Society Proposal

August 2, 2009 - The ILRP is a priority Moon Society Project

The initial goal is to work on the concept and produce a Paper for widespread distriubtion, including supporting information, artwork and illustrations.

Timelines and Deadlines:
  • On heals of Pending Announcement of NASA's Direction by Obama Administration
  • World Space Week 2009
  • ISDC 2010, Chicago, Memorial Day Weekend 2010 - Plenary Session
This Concept was introduced in MMM-India Quarterly #2, pp. 20-25

This Concept is further elaborated in an article in MMM #224, April 2009. which has been put in a separate pdf file

We have also created a Google Group so that the support team can conveniently post files and illustrations, etc.

Anyone interested in this project is welcome to join this group. If you have a Google username and password, you are all set.

The initial team members are Peter Kokh, Dave Dietzler, Dave Dunlop, Shaun Moss, Niklas Jarvstrat, Pradeep Mohandes, Mark Rhode, and Dave Heck.

Update May 23, 2010

At the 2010 International Space Development Confernce in Chicago, May 27-31, 2010, Dave Heck of Boeing-St. Louis will give a presentation on how an ILRP could be developed in phases, based on his extensive experience as a representative of Boeing at the world's first and largest International Research Center in Sheffield, England, UK.

As of May 23rd, the presentation is set for 5 pm, Friday May 27th in the Space Business Track in an hour long slot.

Moon Society Poster about the ILRP Presentation at ISDC 2010

Semi-final form of D. Heck ILRP presentation (ppt)


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