Projects are at the core of The Moon Society. We’re not going to get very far if we don’t DO something. If you see a project you’re interested in, please volunteer. If you see something we’re missing, you can start your own project.

Active Projects

Active projects are …wait for it… currently being worked on. Feel free to jump in and help!

Pending Projects

These are projects that are in the idea stage (and are waiting for someone to take it up and run with it) or had some work done but were abandoned (usually because the lead person stopped working on it). You could lead one of these project to completion!

  • Moon Miners’ Manifesto
    • We just can’t seem to find someone motivated enough to do this on a regular basis. We need a committed editor (or editors).
  • Moon Society Design Contests
  • Lunar Settlement Design Contest
  • Join Moon Society/Lunar Homestead Lunar Electric Motor Design Contest
  • Lunar Survey Project
    • Take everything we know about a small area on the Lunar surface and put it into one place.
  • Lunar Observation Program
    • Get out there and look at Luna with your own eyes!
  • Annual Virtual Moon Society Conference
    • Conferences are expensive to attend. And physical conferences are such a 20th century idea.
  • LETO
    • A Lunar analogue station, research facility, and tourist attraction.
  • Lunar CELSS
    • An ambitious project to work out Lunar Life Support issues.
  • Lunar Greenhouse
    • This is an electronics project to replicate the full spectrum of sunlight to gauge plant response.
  • Moon STEM
    • A series of short science and engineering projects aligned to National Standards that are useful to educators.
      • Mooncrete – a project to develop a concrete substitute that can be made from chemicals found on the Moon.
      • Aqua Luna – an exercise to dissociate water into hydrogen and oxygen, and then to recombine them in a fuel cell.
      • Lunar Orbit – a math exercise to compute a lunar orbit.
  • Chapter/Outpost kit
  • Chapter/Outpost outreach kit
  • Lunar Traders
    • Our online shop. We need cool art to put on t-shirts and calendars.
  • Crowdfunding
    • We need to figure out how to harness this.
  • Telepresence Rover

Completed Projects

Projects that have either run their course or are now too obsolete to revive.

  • Nothing yet.