Mare Crisium Online Chapter

Mare Crisium (NASA LRO) (lroc-2010310-crisium)

The Society is in the early stages of creating an online Chapter that anyone can participate in. You don’t have to be a member (but it would be extra awesome if you were! We’re calling it Mare Crisium (“Sea of Crises”), after the Lunar mare located just northeast of Mare Tranquillitatis (“Sea of Tranquility”).

Mare Crisium meetings will be held on Slack. Go to our Discussion Groups page for information on how to join us on Slack.

Date: TBD

Time: TBD

Topics: See the Events Calendar for specifics.

Format: Voice – Let’s be real. Holding meetings by text is awkward and slow. Video would probably be too much. So, voice it is.

Please email the Membership Coordinator at if you have any ideas or suggestions. Or if you would like to host/sponsor a meeting.