Volunteering for the Moon Society

It will only happen when you make it happen!

Updated January 2020

The Moon Society is staffed entirely by volunteers. The willingness of members to contribute their time and effort to supporting and growing the Moon Society is critical to the success of the organization.  We are always looking for additional volunteers to help out in critical areas of the Moon Society.  If you have a few minutes a week that you can devote to Moon Society activities, and are willing to commit to completing tasks that you take on, we can use your help! Some of our current crew of dedicated volunteers need relief and or assistance. Additional volunteers will help divide and conquer the work load.

Volunteers are needed to take both lead and supporting roles in the following areas:

  • Chapters Coordinator
  • Chapter Contacts in several areas
  • Publications Director
  • Communications Director (also to handle Social Media)
  • Technical Writers/Editors
  • Project Managers
  • Fundraising Director
  • Grant Proposal Writers
  • Conference/Event Organizers
  • Public Outreach Experts

Membership Committee
The Moon Society thrives on its active membership. The Membership Committee is comprised of individuals that can assist with the creation of new products and new member benefits for promotion of the Society and for sale on our upcoming Lunar Traders store. The membership committee also handles the logistics of tracking and processing renewals and new memberships in our Wild Apricot system.

Social Media Team
We need folks that can help promote us on Social Media, including our recent activities and upcoming events. We have an active Facebook page & group, as well as Twitter and LinkedIn. We need to establish presences on Instagram, Reddit, and others.

Web Team
Our new website is now live but much work remains to modernize previous content and include it within the new web experience. We also would like to expand our Lunarpedia online encyclopedia by adding a Lunar Settlement Concept Gallery.

Publications Director
We are looking for a person that can manage our regular publications such as Outbound and Moon Miners’ Manifesto as well as manage volunteers to create new publications for public outreach of lunar exploration & settlement.

Book Editing & Publishing
We are editing two books written by Peter Kokh (editor of Moon Miners’ Manifesto and our President Emeritus).

Assistant Secretary
The Secretary of the Moon Society is requesting an assistant to help with his duties, including: capturing proceedings of board meetings and recording them as Minutes, reminding board members of upcoming meetings, and assisting with voting and election tallies.

Chapters Coordinator
Chapters are associations of persons in the same geographic area who have joined together to further the interests of the Moon Society, to help promote the human exploration and permanent settlement of the Moon. The Moon Society’s bylaws provide for a Chapters Coordinator to assist the Board in conducting chapter affairs. This person would ideally have around 5 hours per week available to correspond with Chapter contacts and those interested in forming Chapters in areas where one does not exist.

Chapters Council
The Chapters Council is made up of all chapters & chapters-in-formation (Outposts) worldwide. Each chapter will designate a Council representative that can attend telecons and coordinate sending in regular status updates on chapter activities & ideas. We are currently re-forming the Chapters council among the currently active chapters and members interested in forming chapters. If a chapter does not exist in your area, feel free to start an Outpost and let us know!

Note to Retired Persons and Others with Surplus Free Time

The only reason that the Society is able to accomplish as much as it does with volunteers is through the services of retired members who have found time-consuming tasks for the benefit of the Society, a productive and rewarding way to spend some of their extra hours. If you are retired or otherwise not employed but with an income, please consider what you might do to fill hours while performing badly needed services to the Society.

How to Volunteer

There are several ways you can let us know that you are ready to get to work:

Guidelines for Volunteers

  1. Take on only what tasks you reasonably expect to be able to accomplish in a reasonable period of time. If coordinating one whole area of activity is more than you can handle, inquire about how the workload could be divided and look for a supporting role with which you are comfortable. Alternately, as a coordinator you could identify and define all the tasks that you would like to delegate to volunteers working with you.
  2. Try to respond promptly to communications regarding tasks that you are working on.
  3. If you are unable to complete a task, try to find someone else to take over the task, or contact someone in the Moon Society staff about finding a replacement.
  4. Provide regular status reports to your team leader or Moon Society staff about tasks that you are working on.