Emerging Technologies Sweden

Emerging Technologies Sweden

Emerging Technologies Sweden is an Exo (an Exponential Organization but with an innovative touch and a twist) founded by Veronica Chiaravalli and working with emerging and exponential technologies (accelerating technologies) through innovative projects to solve worldwide challenges and problems. ETS also takes on global grand challenges (knowledge gap, gender gap, and the gaps related to Space challenges) and Space projects.

Veronica is also an active member here at The Moon Society. She’s helping out with editing at Luna City Press and is helping with Lunarpedia and the Lunar Observing Program.

Emerging Technologies Sweden – (www.exponentialtechs.com)

Portfolio – (www.veronicachiaravalli.se/ronnie)

Veronica’s ebullient interview (ebullient.com/podcast/veronicachiaravalli/)


Emerging Technologies Sweden welcomes your help in creating best-in-class services for the space community.

  • Creating strategic collaborations that would be interested in delivering online educational programs about Space. ETS would like to talk with you if you have experience in innovation, research, education, technology, and design. They also have a desire to work with engineers and space pioneers.
  • The ETS online Pioneering Space Entrepreneurship Program is nearing completion. They are looking for space professionals to review it and help the orient the program so it meets the needs of the community.
  • Veronica is also looking for a mentor with experience in the space entrepreneur industry to help her build her business.

Additionally, you can check out the services ETS offers.

  • Online design services (Adobe Creative Cloud)
  • Unity 3D, VR, and XR
  • Research
  • Writing technical and space articles
  • Creating online training and education programs
  • Consulting on innovative projects and strategic foresight
  • Speaking engagements