Space Solar Power Institute (SSPI)

Space Solar Power Institute

“Chartered in 1997, the Space Solar Power Institute is a non-profit 501(c)3 educational corporation, organized in the public interest to educate the public about Space Solar Power and the clean baseload energy transformation which defines why, when and how SSP must be built”.

Space Solar Power Institute – (

SSPI “works with many friends, partners, donors and volunteers in a continuing effort to understand how to design, initiate, finance, market, build, deliver, support, operate, and maintain a Space Solar Power System for the world baseload energy market”.

SSPI works closely with the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Aerospace Engineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering Departments to solve technical challenges. Georgia Tech also sponsors the Space Solar Power Workshop (

(Please note that SSPI is still very active even though their website hasn’t been updated in a while. This is something you can help them with!)


SSPI, while a 501(c)3, doesn’t have a formal membership structure that the public can join. There are many ways you can help out though.

  • Volunteer – Contact SSPI via email and let them know that you want to help. Like The Moon Society, there is always a place for people willing to give their time and energy. Help with the website and social media are especially welcome.
  • Donate – Contributions are tax-deductible. “Your donation will work HARD to bring Clean Anytime Energy – Space Solar Power – to your electric power grid”!
  • Purchase “The Private Journals of William C. Brown: Father of Microwave Power Transmission (MPT)”. You can learn more about the book in this PDF file. You can also go to Amazon or BookLogix for more information and to purchase the book.
  • Educate yourself – The SSPI website has a wealth of information on Space Solar Power.
  • Read the SunSat Act and forward it to your elected officials. Let them know you want clean, carbon-free Space Solar Power now. The Moon Society and SSPI will be working more on this in the future.