Outbound Newsletter Archive

OUTBOUND: The Moon, Mars, and Beyond" newsletter. Outbound is written and edited by Peter Kokh, a fellow Moon Society member and former president of the Society. Peter also was the primary person responsible for the incredible run of the Moon Miner's Manifesto (30 years and 301 issues). Check out the website for back issues of MMM. Peter also has a book on Amazon (A Pioneer's Guide to Living on the Moon) based on MMM content that is well worth reading.

Outbound is not an official Moon Society newsletter. Peter has graciously let us include it as a benefit to our members. Thanks Peter! As such, Peter has absolute control as to the publication frequency and content. So don't expect to get an issue of a certain length every month. It will just be a nice bonus when you get one in your email.

Right now the archive is open to everyone but that could change.


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