Resolution for Reform of the Society

The Moon Society

This resolution was passed by the Moon Society Management Committee, comprised of all board members and officers, on February 11, 2018:

Whereas, the Society has several structural, procedural, and tactical changes that are dependent upon each other; and

Whereas, For various and currently irrelevant reasons many of our existing processes have been neglected and are in need of updating and repair; and

Whereas, Many of our systems and procedures are based on outdated technologies and processes; therefore be it resolved

First, That we consolidate our financial history into a single Quickbooks Online account that is shared between the Treasurers, the President, and the Chairman. Upon consolidation that we ‘audit’ our 2017 and 2016 transactions against the bank in sufficient detail to produce 2016 and 2017 financial statements and that we reiterate the policy of the Treasurer producing summary financial statements quarterly and yearly. This will be done by 3/31/2018. POC is Michael Mealling

Second, That the 2016 and 2017 financial statements be submitted to Guidestar in order to obtain Silver/Gold status sufficient for the Society to be listed as an approved charity in their donations platform. This will be done by 3/31/2018. POC is Michael Mealling

Third, That we officially replace Team Director with Wild Apricot by 2/29/18, and retire all Team Director instances. This includes rewriting the renewal email that is sent out to lapsed members. POC is Michael Mealling

Fourth, That move all web assets from Greengeeks on to Dreamhost by Feb 23, and do not renew Greengeeks. Further, we move all web assets from Cyberteams on to Dreamhost as fast as practical. POC is James Burk.

Fifth, Dana works with James Burk to input a payment method into Dreamhost (likely our checking account info) so we can renew We will work to move all domains currently owned by the organization into one domain hosting service that is separate from Dreamhost, for maximum redundancy. This is due by 3/31/2018. POC is James Burk.

Sixth, That we remove all instances of open links to the Web Assets spreadsheet from Tycho and the main website. Our official policy should be that the Web Assets spreadsheet and all organizational passwords should only be given out on a need-to-know basis. This will be done by 3/31/2018. POC is James Burk.

Seventh, That we establish a legal fund for the Moon Society to address organizational ownership, copyright, and defamation issues. The fund and work should be finished by 6/1/2018. This should start with around $3000 but possibly go up once the following items are looked into: POC is James Burk.

  • Cease and desist – LUNASOCIETY.COM including the removal of
  • Determine current business deal with Infinity Publishing (regarding Philip R. Harris works).
  • Establish clear title to ASI and TLRC
  • Establish clear title to and recover domain.

Eighth, That we set up Lunar Traders as the official Moon Society store. The web team will be responsible for the e-commerce site and the membership chair will be responsible for selecting and procuring swag. Exact fulfillment methodology TBD. Due by 6/1/2018. POC is James Burk.

Ninth, That we allocate funds for a shipping company to come to Dana’s house and pick up the remaining boxes of Artemis posters. They can be sent to Charles (east coast) and James Burk (west coast). Due by 3/31/2018. POC is James Burk.

Tenth, That we consolidate the Slack channels. A proposed list is [on our Management Wiki] – which also standardizes channel names. Done by 3/1/2018. POC is Michael Mealling.

Eleventh, That we establish a project dashboard for the Moon Society using the domain Done by 6/1/2018. POC is James Burk.

Twelfth, That we form a Bylaws Committee chartered to write/update our bylaws with the following suggested goals: Committee report due by 4/1/2018. POC is Philip Crume.

  • Officers should be allowed to be directors. (So Michael can be President & Chairman). Or we add all the officers to the board and expand it accordingly.
  • We need to clarify or change language regarding the director seat expirations (see above). Recommend we number the board positions.
  • Bylaws should be streamlined, there’s a lot of extraneous stuff.
  • [A page to use is on our Management Wiki]
  • Determine start and expiration dates for all 5 board members recently elected (reference [a page on our Management Wiki] )
  • Some expectation that officers are responsive/accessible. There have been several instances lately of having to track people down who had critical functions. A possible recommendation – all officers & committee chairs must check Slack at least 3x a week. And everybody’s current contact info including preferred email & phone must be in Wild Apricot.