Mars Foundation

Mars Foundation

According to their website, the mission of the Mars Foundation is “to inspire the next generation of explorers through astounding new STEM projects & research initiatives”. Their primary focus is research into the technology needed to settle Mars. Much of this tech will be useful to Lunar settlements as well.

Goals & Technology Focus:

  1. Create a unified planning document with requirements for the first permanent settlement on Mars.
  2. Conduct research into core technologies and methodologies with terrestrial facilities.
  3. Establish key commercial and financial interests to support a Mars settlement.
  4. Generate a detailed plan for launching & building the settlement on Mars.
  5. Assist with the exploration of Mars with a focus on permanent settlement enablers.

The Moon Society is partnering with the Mars Foundation in the creation of Marspedia. Similar to our Lunarpedia, Marspedia will eventually be a comprehensive repository for all Mars information.

The Mars Foundation – (


  • Marspedia – Both Lunarpedia and Marspedia need volunteers to write and edit content.
  • They have a volunteer form you can fill out with your interests and skills.


  • Pending.