The Mars Society

Mars Society

According to their website, “the Mars Society is the world’s largest and most influential space advocacy organization dedicated to the human exploration and settlement of the planet Mars”. They were establish in 1998 and are actively involved in a number of exciting activities.

Also from their website “the organization actively seeks to:”

  1. Organize public outreach with the aim of fostering a deep interest in Mars,
  2. Promote broad international support for government-funded Mars research and exploration, and
  3. Advocate the establishment of commercial space ventures that will help achieve Mars exploration and settlement.

The Moon Society is partnering with the Mars Society in the creation of Marspedia. Similar to our Lunarpedia, Marspedia will eventually be a comprehensive repository for all Mars information.

The Mars Society – (


The Mars Society has lots of volunteer opportunities. If you’re interested in Martian exploration and settlement, the Mars Society needs your help.

This list isn’t comprehensive. It’s also not updated frequently so let us know if we need to add or change anything.


  • Member Chapters – Check out their website ( to find a Mars Society Chapter near you.
  • Discount on the annual International Mars Society Convention (free for 2020).
  • Special access to a private members-only section on their web site that includes online chats, webinars and discussions with leading Mars experts and scientists.
  • Membership card.