Vanderbilt’s Dyer Observatory’s Telescope Night

On June 5, I, Chuck Schlemm, exhibited at Vanderbilt’s Dyer Observatory’s Telescope Night event.
I presented my “Apollo to Artemis and Beyond” exhibit using spacecraft models of the Apollo Saturn V & LM, STS Space Shuttle, International Space Station with docked Dragon, Starliner, Soyuz & Progress and Artemis’s SLS, Orion, Lunar Gateway, and SpaceX and Blue Origin’s Human Landing Systems.

Commercial space models shown were Blue Origin’s New Shepard, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 with Crew Dragon, Falcon Heavy and Starship, Boeing’s Starliner on ULA Atlas V, and Sierra Nevada’s Dream Chaser. 3 photos attached.
I discussed Artemis 2, 3 & 5 missions and lunar flight plans. I also talked about further Artemis plans for extended stays, larger landing crews and lunar robots, rovers, mobile habitats and future moon bases.
The program was well received and I had many questions.

I have an open invitation to come back to Dyer and plan to do several more exhibits there this year.

Chuck Schlemm
Moon Society Nashville Outpost

(L to R) Bigelow proposed Moonbase, Lunar Gateway,
Dyanetics ALPACA, Blue Origin’s Blue Moon lander,
Apollo LM, SpaceX HLS, Starship & Starship on Super
Heavy booster on orbital launch mount.