ASD – Partner post

Alliance for Space Development

Hi everyone. Today we’d like to share what one of our Partners, Alliance for Space Development, is working on.

ASD is currently preparing for their 2020 Virtual Blitz ( Because of COVID-19, ASD will be holding virtual meetings to educate politicians and their staff about the importance of space exploration and development. They are also advocating for the advancement of four critical policy points.

  1. Support planetary defense by fully funding NEOSM.
  2. Support commercial development of Low Earth Orbit by fully funding the LEO Commercialization Program.
  3. Support commercial development of the Lunar surface.
  4. Start developing and demonstrating Space Solar Power.

You can learn more at the above link as well as sign up to participate. The Moon Society is a member of the Alliance and fully supports their activities. This is a chance for you to have an impact on U.S. space policy!